WATCH: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Releases a Prayer for Texans After Winter Storm

by Suzanne Halliburton

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan, wanted to encourage the people of Texas Monday night. So he posted a prayer on Instagram.

And in that prayer, Phil Robertson implored Texans to remember the people who settled the Lone Star State almost two centuries ago. Robertson reminded his 228,000 followers that they come from tough stock.

He wanted Texans to remember their history, that 250 years ago the state was settled by “very tough men and women” who got in the “scrapes that followed with whoever in making (Texas) part of the republic of the United States of America.”

Phil Robertson lives in Louisiana. Winter storms pummeled his state, too. Icicles were hanging from the cypress trees in the middle of bayous.

But Phil Robertson also knows how much worse it was in Texas. It’s just now thawing from a historical series of winter storms that literally froze the country’s second-largest state. On Valentine’s Day, the National Weather Service placed all 254 counties under a winter weather warning. This had never happened before, with all 29 million people under this blanket warning.

What followed were ice and snow storms that pounded Texas from Sunday through Thursday. Even border towns in southern Texas on the border with Mexico received more than 10 inches of snow.

Millions lost power for days as the state’s entire electric grid came within minutes of shutting down. Then millions lost running water. The city of Austin lost its entire water reserves from busted water pipes and heightened use as residents dripped faucets. Every major city in the state placed residents under boil-water notices.

So Phil Robertson asked his followers to pray for Texas. And he continued, telling his followers:

“Texans are known for their toughness. I would pray that during a time like this, what it comes down to is just that, just that toughness with an attitude. These things come, then they pass. You get back to relatively normal and life goes on, but to escape it all — pandemic, floods, storms, hail, pestilence, whatever comes our way … some of it coming from You, some coming from the evil one. I pray Father, they stay together and put their faith in you and not so much in their fellow man. But love ’em, but don’t trust them.

“I love all these folks in Texas,” Phil Robertson said. “In the name of Jesus I’m praying for them here today. Amen.”