‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Shares Advice on What It Means to Be a Father

by Clayton Edwards

Fellas, it doesn’t matter what you do when you clock in every day. You could be part of the supply line that makes sure we all get what we need or an executive who makes ten-million-dollar decisions before lunch. If you have kids, all the other stuff pales in comparison. Being a dad is the most important job you’ll ever have in your life. You’re not just keeping a kid alive and buying them things. You’re shaping the mind and values of a member of our future society. Collectively, parents are shaping the future. So, if you want to see a better tomorrow it starts here, now, and at home. Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson knows all about a strong family unit.

That knowledge compelled Phil Robertson to team up with author Harold Cronk. Robertson wrote the forward for Cronk’s newest book, The Beard Ballad. Phil talked about the book and fatherhood in a recent Instagram post. In that post, he stated Phil said that Beard Ballad is a book for boys and their fathers to share. At the same time, it seems to be a call for men to step up and be real solid examples for their children. Robertson says the book shows what it means to be a dad. “To teach, to give, to share, and to love,” sounds about right to us.

Phil Robertson starts the video with an ominous statement. “Fatherhood has flown away,” he says while sitting on a downed log in a forested area. He went on to say that America is “running out of godly upright fathers,” right now. However, Phil says that books like The Beard Ballad are the key to turning that around. Continuing to extoll the virtues of the book, Robertson says that men can read it and think to themselves, “Would we be better off being good solid fathers? Come on, dads.”

To close the video, Phil Robertson tells his followers to head over to the Beard Ballad website to get the new book.

The Book Phil Robertson is Selling

There isn’t much information about the plot of Beard Ballad on the book’s website. However, there is some information that makes it sound like Phil Robertson was spot-on in his description of the story. On the website, Harold Cronk wrote, “For quite a while, I had been looking for bedtime stories for my son that were fun and affirming. When I couldn’t find many options, I decided to write one myself.”

Cronk added, “I hope you enjoy the read, and more importantly, the quality time spent with your little man. Blessings!”

If this sounds like something you’d like to check out, head over to the website. The book is available right now for $17.99 plus taxes and shipping.