‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff and Adorable Daughter Rock Swimsuits in Sweet Pool Day Pics

by Jon D. B.

The Duck Dynasty family has grown by one tiny, adorable member in 2021, and Honey James Huff is the gift that keeps on giving.

It doesn’t get any more precious than Sadie Robertson Huff, husband Christian Huff, and their little Honey. Sadie’s Instagram provides almost daily proof of this. Her latest photo gallery update for fans is more proof n the precious pudding, with the Duck Dynasty alum saying the “last pic is my inspiration.”

That last pic? It’s little Honey James Huff sporting her size-appropriate sunglasses and a teeny bikini aboard her very own (also appropriately-sized) pool float lounger. It is… Exactly what we all need for a smile this Sunday. Check out the full gallery courtesy of Sadie’s official Instagram right here:

It’s perfectly sensical that Honey is the cutest baby in the history of babies. Mom Sadie is, as we Outsiders often call her, a living-ray-o’-sunshine. Father Christian, too, looks to be a marvelous gent. While social media is never to be taken as “life at face value,” this trio certainly does their best to put happiness out into the world. And all Duck Dynasty fans are better for it.

So, too, is little Honey, as the newborn looks to have the most loving, doting family a wean could ever ask for. It’s certainly true of her parents – but her Duck Dynasty family at large are obsessed with the tiny girl, as well. And how could they not be? Look at that face!

‘Duck Dynasty’ Clan Loving the New Additions

Indeed, the Duck Dynasty family can’t get enough of their precious newborn Honey James. Sure, we’re doting over a baby we have absolutely no connection to, but isn’t that why we all take photos of cute babies? To share the love?

Though their infamous show has been off the air for quite some time now, the Robertsons remain cultural touchstones and Outsiders for life. As such, we never miss a chance to bask in the adroableness that is this family.

In kind, last week saw Honey’s grandmother, Korie Robertson, sharing a set of the cutest photos of Honey… Ever? Ever. Within, we see the tiny one with her famous grandfather, Willie Robertson, a.k.a. “Dubs”, as the duo match each others’ infectious smiles.

“Might be risking breaking the internet with the cuteness in these pics but had to share,” Korie captioned the smiling shots with several emojis. Within, we saw their granddaughter, Honey, “picking her Dubs up from the airport.”

“I think she was happy to see us!” Korie adds. Can you say “proud grandparents”? Surely Sadie was there for this airport pick up, too, as babies cannot drive. But that’s a technicality – and we don’t thrive on technicalities here at Outsider. Just cute babies.

Check out the photos for yourself in our previous coverage as ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Risks ‘Breaking the Internet’ With Adorable Pic of Willie With Sadie’s Daughter Honey. Zero regrets will follow.