‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Has ‘First Day of School Kind of Confidence’ in New Cowboy Boots Pic

by Quentin Blount

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff is throwing it back to her school days in her most recent post on social media.

Let’s be real here — we can all relate to the latest post from Sadie Robertson. The first day of school each year meant that change was on the horizon. Gone were the days of summer and here to stay are the days of waking up early. But the first day of school also signaled that it was time to break out our very best outfits. Everyone always shows out on the first day of school. It’s just kind of an understood thing that happens.

We have always been taught that it’s important to be ourselves. And the first day of school every year is the perfect time to showcase just who we are. Sadie Robertson had that exact first day of school confidence on Friday afternoon when she posted a picture of herself posing in a new outfit on Instagram.

“I feel weird posting pics of just myself but I had that first day of school outfit kind of confidence today,” Robertson wrote alongside the photo. “Who remembers exactly what I’m talking about?”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Can Relate to First Day of School Vibes from Sadie

It is pretty safe to say that fans of Duck Dynasty knew just what Sadie Robertson Huff was talking about. Her latest snap has already racked up more than 138,000 likes in just a couple of hours. In addition, fans left comments to let Robertson know that she wasn’t alone. We all remember that first day of school kind of confidence.

“Oh yess the first day of school pics were always a must,” one fan wrote. “You rock this!!”

“GIRL I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about,” another follower said.

Meanwhile, Robertson’s family members chimed in on the post as well. That started with Sadie’s 18-year-old little sister, Bella Robertson Mayo.

“Wait….. these boots. WHEN AND WHERE????” Bella commented.

As he usually does, Sadie’s husband, Christian Huff, was playing the role of the supportive husband on Friday. And he must have thought his wife was looking good in her latest outfit. The 23-year-old left a comment on his wife’s post saying, “Sheeesshhhh” along with several fire emojis.

Even Sadie’s mom, Korie Robertson, stopped by the comments section. She is without a doubt one of the proudest mothers out there. She constantly makes an effort to hype up her daughters and that’s exactly what she did here. Korie left a few heart-face emojis on her daughter’s picture.

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