‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Poses With Husband and Daughter Honey for Sweet Family Beach Pics

by Shelby Scott

“Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson Huff recently posed for a shot with her husband Christian Huff and daughter Honey for the sweetest beachside family photo. Robertson’s husband shared the photo on his Instagram page with the humorous caption, “The only age that I’ll ever allow you to wear this amount of clothes on the beach.” A protective daddy indeed.

In the photo, Robertson Huff and her husband squat down in the sand holding up little Honey who seems interested in everything else but the photo. The baby sports nothing but a diaper and looks seaward while mom and dad smile sweetly at the camera. Look closely and you can actually see Huff holding Honey’s pink pacifier. The lighting in the photo suggests a walk along the beach at sunset and honestly, we would rather be there as well. The white sand and the blue-green water perfectly frame the little family for the most peaceful of Insta pics. Followers gushed over the sweetness of the photo, some commenting on the family together, the baby, and even the caption.

One follower wrote, “Is there an ounce of Sadie in that baby? Holy cow!” You know, because the mom does all the work and then the little ends up looking like Dad anyway. Someone else commented, “Adorable +the caption is amazing 😂❤️.”

We can’t help but agree. A brief glance at Huff’s Instagram profile shows the couple’s complete adoration for little Honey and we are here simply fawning over the babe.

Sadie Robertson Huff Adjusts to Life with a Little One

Just the other day, we got a more humorous peek into life with little Honey and we couldn’t be more grateful. There comes an unavoidable time in a parent’s life where they have no choice but to take their newest addition on a road trip. No matter the length of the trip, there are bound to be some mishaps. Check out Robertson Huff’s latest trip here.

Among other things, the couple’s most recent road trip included three hours of a crying baby, a dog who cries when the baby cries, hours of lullabies, and lots and lots of spit-up. As a fellow mom, I feel for you Sadie, but in the end, it’s worth it because then you’ll have a traveling baby. And who doesn’t want a road-trip adjusted little? At least you get the naps in; the baby’s, not yours.

Despite the troubles that come along with being a new mama, there are lots of perks. One is that you can literally dress your little however you want and they can’t deny you your sliver of happiness. Not yet, anyway. Robertson Huff recently discovered the fun that comes along with “twinning” with your kid and she posted the cutest photo of her latest match. She captioned the post, “Sunday dresses and pink sneakers with my tiny bestie💗,” and we are very excited for the next mama-baby outfit.