‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Shares Wisdom From Flight With Daughter Honey James

by Megan Molseed

Traveling with a little one is never super easy. But, sometimes it’s something you have to do. And, recently new mother, Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff, channeled the wise words of none other than Hannah Montana while she boarded an airplane with her daughter Honey James.

“People warned us that having a baby would change everything…” the Duck Dynasty star says in her Wednesday night Instagram post.

“which is true,” the Duck Dynasty star continues in the November 10 post. “But they were completely wrong when they said it like that was a negative thing!”

The A&E star goes on to quote former Disney Channel icon, Miley Cyrus’s Hannah Montana in the inspirational Instagram post as she travels with her little one.

“From the wise words of Hannah Montana “life’s what you make it so let’s make it rock,” the new mother exclaims.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star and Her Little One Certainly Make Life Rock!

The adorable Instagram post features Sadie Robertson Huff, daughter of Duck Dynasty golden couple Willie and Korie Robertson as she snuggles up, cheek to cheek with her infant daughter, Honey James.

The little one is clearly handling the traveling well as she is all smiles, looking perky, alert, and very happy.

Clearly, the Duck Dynasty daughter and Honey James are focused on making life rock as they travel. And, they seem to be doing quite well at it!

Recently, Sadie Robertson Huff’s mother, Korie posted on her Instagram speaking about the joys she feels being a grandmother. Especially sharing grandmotherhood with her own mother, Chrys Howard.

And, clearly, there are very few things more important than family to any of the Duck Dynasty players.

Korie Robertson Honors Her Mother

In her recent Instagram post, Kori Robertson plays proud mother, proud grandmother, and proud daughter as the Duck Dynasty star celebrates grandmotherhood in the wake of her mother’s most recent venture, a book that is all about the joys of grandparenting.

“My mom @chryshoward and her friend and fellow podcaster @shellietomlinson has a new book out ‘Rocking it Grand: 18 Ways to be a Game-Changing Grandma,’” the Duck Dynasty star proudly writes in her Wednesday Instagram post.

“It’s all about the impact we can have as grandparents on our grands,” Korie Robertson writes in the moving post. “and the legacy we are building through family.”

Korie Robertson goes on to say that her mother is the best person to write a book such as this since she is dedicated to being the best “grand” that she can be.

“There is no one better to write this book!” the Duck Dynasty star exclaims.

“She does all of this with joy, kindness, energy, strength, and fun!” Korie continues. “She is simply the best!”