‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson Opens Up About Relationships in New Video: ‘God Has a Person Already Picked Out for You’

by Chris Haney

On Thursday, Duck Dynasty star Si Robertson shared some relationship advice for the listeners and fans of his Duck Call Room podcast.

The fan-favorite uncle of the Duck Dynasty family had some deep thoughts to share about finding your true love. In the most recent episode of his podcast, he told listeners that their better half is out there. They just have to be intelligent enough to take advantage when they meet them.

“Oh, trust me when I tell you. God’s got one already picked out for you. All you’ve got to do is be smart enough to realize it when the opportunity comes along,” Uncle Si explains in the clip.

He also added a caption to his Instagram video that doubled down on his relationship advice. The Duck Dynasty star emphasized his suggestion and said he believes it to be true with all his heart.

“It’s so cool to me how God has a person already picked out for you. I really believe that with all my heart,” he wrote on Instagram. “All you gotta do is be smart enough to realize it when that person comes along! Watch the new @DuckCallRoom with @godwinjohn316’s wife, @godwinpaula, on YouTube.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Shares That Miss Kay Has Recovered From Dog Bite Injury

On Wednesday, the Duck Dynasty star announced that the Robertson family matriarch Miss Kay had healed up from her recent dog bite attack. Uncle Si joked that she’s back to “causing trouble” as well.

In June, Phil Robertson‘s wife, Miss Kay, got bitten by the family dog, Bobo. While their little dog slept, Miss Kay leaned in to give Bobo a goodnight kiss. Unfortunately she startled the sleeping pup, which made him lash out and take a chunk out of her lip. The incident led to a trip to the emergency room.

The Duck Dynasty mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother didn’t blame her beloved Bobo. Although her husband Phil didn’t exactly agree with her assessment of the situation. But he also added an old saying that took at least a small portion of the blame off of Bobo.

“She said, ‘You make sure you tell them boys don’t put him to sleep. Don’t hurt that dog because it wasn’t his fault. I said, ‘Well, it was his fault alright.’ But I said the old saying, ‘Miss Kay, let a sleeping dog lie. You need to remember that,’” Robertson said on his Unashamed podcast.

Thankfully Miss Kay seems to be doing well these days after being on the mend the last month. Uncle Si joked in an Instagram post that his sister-in-law is “back to telling stories and causing trouble.” In addition, he also shared a few photos of Miss Kay and Bobo for proof.

“Y’all prayed, and now Miss Kay is recovered and back to telling stories and causing trouble. Watch the new Duck Call Room, boys, and see for yourself!” the Duck Dynasty star wrote on Instagram.