‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson Teases a ‘New TV Show on the Way

by Shelby Scott

“Duck Dynasty” star Uncle Si Robertson is widely recognized for a number of his quirks. Nevertheless, the beloved, albeit thickly accented and hard to understand, character’s most recent Instagram post shared some exciting news. Uncle Si shared that he and others are starring in a new TV show coming pretty soon.

For interested “Duck Dynasty” fans, he said that viewers to the post should check out the latest “Duck Call Room” episode. He provided the link in his bio.

Si doesn’t technically state what the show is going to be about. However, the episode of the “Duck Call Room” featured Uncle Si in the studio, headphones on, seemingly talking to himself. However, we get the idea that perhaps the new show has something to do with the “Podcat” that Si keeps talking about. Throughout the episode, we see clips of Si in different settings and telling different stories to various companions.

Each time he starts a story, he’s interrupted or talked over, told to “save it for the ‘Duck Call Room.'”

Nevertheless, it seems Si is incredibly excited about his “Podcat” and even more excited to share his stories with fans following his “Duck Dynasty” career.

Fan-Favorite Uncle Si Opened Up About His Wife’s Non-Appearance on ‘Duck Dynasty’

While the entire Robertson family seemed to appear on the show during the course of “Duck Dynasty”‘s running, one face did not. In this way, fans were surprised to learn that the quirky Uncle Si was, and still is, happily married.

According to Si, his wife Christine’s health problems kept her from appearing on “Duck Dynasty.” Si shared in a 2014 interview with US Weekly that she was simply not healthy enough to endure long days of shooting. He also said she had little desire to be in the limelight. “She’s got better sense than the rest of us,” he said.

Although Robertson remains incredibly dedicated to his wife of 50 years, an interesting fact is that he actually asked Christine to marry him hundreds of times before she said yes. While humorous now, Christine had her reasonings after learning she would never be able to bear children. Such a diagnosis can often make or break a couple. Nevertheless, the two stand today in a quirky partnership.

Further, following the cancelation of “Duck Dynasty,” Si starred in his own spinoff show called “Going Si-ral” and also remains the voice of his current podcast, the “Duck Call Room,” as mentioned above.

The 73-year-old retired reed maker is also famous for other reasons as he once shared his mugshots via Instagram with fans. You can check those out here. Regardless, he made followers laugh as he wrote, “You can send me to prison, boys, but I’ll still be free in Jesus.”