‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Speaks Out on State of ‘Household’ After His Mom Miss Kay’s Dog Bite Incident

by Keeli Parkey

According to one of the stars of “Duck Dynasty,” life is going well for the Robertson family, even though there has been some drama recently.

That star is Willie Robertson. He sat down with Fox News for an exclusive interview to talk about what has been going on with his famous family.

One of the main topics of the interview was the well-being of his mother, Miss Kay Robertson. Last month, the matriarch of the “Duck Dynasty” clan was bitten in the face by her dog, Bobo. The attack sent Willie’s mother to the hospital. And she lost a piece of her lip in the incident.

Bobo bit Miss Kay as she went to kiss him goodnight. She apparently surprised Bobo as he slept and he bit her. According to Willie, Bobo “just didn’t realize” that he was attacking his owner.

Fortunately for the Robertson family and “Duck Dynasty” fans, Miss Kay is on the mend.

“I’m happy to report that she’s doing good. I spoke to mom today and she’s actually in Texas visiting my brother and she seemed great and she said her lip is doing well,” Willie also said. He also reported that his mother is “in great spirits and healing up great.”

Miss Kay isn’t mad at Bobo for what happened. And she wants “Duck Dynasty” fans to know that.

“She always tells me to tell anybody who asks that her dog is very sorry for what he did,” Willie also shared. “So I told her I would keep delivering that message.”

Miss Kay’s brother-in-law, Si Robertson, also recently shared an update.

“Y’all prayed, and now Miss Kay is recovered and back to telling stories and causing trouble …,” Si said.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Also Shared Update About the New Addition to the Robertson Family

In addition to sharing an update about the older “Duck Dynasty” generation, Willie Robertson also shared an update about the Robertson family’s younger generations. That is his daughter, Sadie Robertson Huff, and his granddaughter, Honey James Huff.

Sadie, and her husband, Christian Huff, welcomed Honey James into the world on May 11. And, in the months since her birth, Willie has watched his daughter and son-in-law successfully parent their adorable baby girl. He is definitely a proud father – and grandfather.

“Sadie’s doing great. We get to see them all the time and she’s doing good!” Willie also shared.

And, things for the famous “Duck Dynasty” family are – as their patriarch Phil Robertson would say – “happy, happy, happy.”

“We’re back on the tennis court again and we’re having fun and the baby’s doing great. So everyone is doing great here in the Robertson household,” Willie said.

Willie isn’t the only member of the Robertson family who has praised the parenting of Sadie and Christian. Her uncle, Alan Robertson, shared his thoughts with Fox News.

“We laugh but Sadie and Christian look like superheroes. You know, it’s like Captain America meets Wonder Woman or Bat Girl or something,” Alan said. “And so we knew that this was going to be a special little girl and she’s great. Sadie – it was her first delivery so she had some moments where it was a difficult delivery but she got through it and it just seems like (motherhood) fits her perfectly. It’s like anything else Sadie does.”