Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Applauds Daughter Sadie for Delivering ‘Encouraging’ Message

by Katie Maloney

Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, says she’s “so proud” of her daughter as she shares a video of Sadie’s speech at Southeastern University.

Korie shared a clip from Sadie’s speech at SEU this week. Along with the video, Korie wrote, “In case you need an encouraging word today. @legitsadierob brought one!! This is from a message she gave last week at SEU. The full video is on her YouTube, you’re not going to want to miss it! So proud of you, Sadie, and the way you point us all to the truth of who God is! I love you!”

Korie Robertson Is Proud Of Sadie For Sharing ‘Truth of Who God Is’

During her speech, Sadie tells a bible story about Joseph. She talks about the way he was called a “dreamer,” and shamed for his gifts. She shares that, despite the criticism and unkindness he experienced because of his gifts, he owned what God gave him. He said “I’m a dreamer, God put that in me. And I will use that gift.”

Robertson then talked about the ways we stifle our own gifts because of insecurities.

“Some of you need to hear that because you’re sitting in the insecurity in your gifting because of something someone said five years ago,” said Robertson. “Because they were jealous, or because they wanted to start drama. Because they didn’t even know you. And you’re letting their voice be louder than the voice that God has already spoken over you.”

Korie Robertson’s daughter, Sadie Robertson delivers an inspiring message.

Robertson then talked about using our gifts when we are most insecure about them. She talks about how so many of us want to wait until we have a platform or the perfect job to start using our gifts. But, just like Joseph used his gifts in the “pit,” in the darkest of his times, we have to use ours when we feel the least confident in them. She says we do this so that we can be ready to use our gifts when we do find that platform or that perfect job.

A lot of us want to wait to use our gifts until we have a platform.

“Stop sitting in the pit. God is calling you. Use your gift. Had Joseph not used his gift in the pit, he would not be able to use it in the palace. If Joseph hadn’t used the people God put in his life…how do you think he ever would have been ready to interpret pharaohs? How would he have been ready for that?”