Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Clarifies Stance on Asking Followers to Pray on Inauguration Day

by Halle Ames

After Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson caught some heat for her photo asking people to pray, she has clarified her intentions. 

As Outsider’s Katie Maloney covered yesterday, Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson posted to her Instagram a photo that was seen as controversial. 

Along with a photo of mini American flags posted outside the capitol building, Robertson writes, “Lifting up prayers for our country and our leaders.”

In addition, Robertson quotes 1 Timothy 2:1-4, a passage from the Bible. 

Korie Robertson Explains Her Call For Prayer

The post, like anything political, has had a swarm of differing religious and political opinions. This led Korie Robertson to make another post today, explaining what she meant. 

Korie Robertson has always been very upfront with her Christian beliefs. To bring unity to this new post, she said she would share another Bible verse.

“After yesterday’s comment section, 😳 thought I’d post something no one could have anything negative to say about, a pic of my grandkids maybe, a sunset, our dog…Actually, though, I thought that about what I posted yesterday…a scripture asking us to pray!”

The mother of five explained that regardless of who she or anyone voted for, they should pray for our leaders. In addition, Korie Robertson said that the Bible tells you to go a step further if you hate someone.

“We literally have a biblical mandate to pray for our elected officials, even if you didn’t vote for them or don’t particularly like them. Even more than that, if you consider them your enemy, the Bible goes a giant step further, we aren’t just asked to pray for them, but we have a command from Jesus himself to LOVE them.”

Korie Robertson then quotes a lengthy passage of the Bible– Matthew 5:43-48. She finished up the post with a small request to her followers. 

“Simply asking this, if you claim Christ, please consider his words in how you comment and, more importantly, in how we live!”

Although Robertson recently shared the post this afternoon, the comments so far seem to agree with the Duck Dynasty star.