Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Speaks Out on ‘Silver Lining’ Experience After Contracting COVID-19

by Joe Rutland

Korie Robertson is one of those who caught COVID-19, got through it OK, and went to the Dominican Republic. There’s a silver lining, too.

Robertson, wife of Willie Robertson of the “Duck Dynasty” clan, shared about her journey in a lengthy Instagram post.

“Our fam goes to the D.R. every summer to visit our Dominican family,” Robertson writes. “A group of kids that we love and have been part of our lives for many years…except for this summer. We were sad, they were sad, another plan cancelled in 2020.

“I had the thought though if we get Covid, get over it and have the antibodies, we’re going! Well, that happened and we went! A silver lining🤗,” she wrote.

“It was so much fun to see their smiling faces! To hear first hand how this year has been for them,” Korie Robertson wrote. “They aren’t complainers so I had to drag it out of them. They’re still not in a physical school. School is done on television, most kids don’t have computers, they are getting by with what they have.”

Take a look at Robertson’s entire social media post right here.

Korie Robertson Remembers Daughter Sadie’s Wedding

Taking some time to remember her daughter Sadie’s wedding touched Korie Robertson deeply.

She started thinking about how beautiful the day itself was, sweet, fun, and special. Then an idea cropped up about giving away a wedding, which Roberton shared in a heartfelt post on Instagram.

Not so much a wedding giveaway but actually putting together a wedding and giving it away to a deserving couple.

This giveaway was based on those who had lost their special wedding moment due to COVID-19, rather than those who could boost the most posts on Instagram.

Korie Robertson writes, “After just having thrown one myself, I knew how much fun it could be, but also it can be overwhelming, a bit stressful, and, of course, expensive! What if we could make someone’s wedding day beautiful and fun, and totally stress-free!” 

Here’s that post from Robertson.

Korie Robertson knows that this year is nothing like our original expectations. She wants to emphasize the excitement of the happy moments of 2020, though. The post’s caption also adds, “the day two become one is always something to celebrate.”

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