Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Talks Family, Fitness, What’s Important To Her

by Halle Ames

Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson took to Instagram live yesterday to touch on the things that are most important to her.

The 47-year-old mother of five has always preached how important family is. In addition, Korie Robertson and her whole family are very faith-based individuals.

“I wanted to jump on because I feel like, I don’t know, just with my friends and other people we’ve been talking just a lot about family,” starts Korie Robertson. “About how it feels like whenever everything in the world changes and things are scary, and the pandemic is going on, we’re in quarantine and all that, it feels like the things that are really important, you just kind of narrow down and realized what’s really important to you. Faith and family is that for us. I’ve been working on something, I just wanted to tell you about it.”

Korie Robertson tells fans of the app she has been partnering with, called the Glorify App, which ties in the two things she loves most. After a quick overview of what she has been working on with the app, she opens up the live stream for questions.

The busy mother first admits that, like everyone else, she is human. She has a very infrequent workout routine that consists of dedicated and dry streaks. Although Korie Robertson is currently taking a break from working out due to family and sicknesses, she is going to start back up real soon.

Korie Robertson Has Motherhood in Her Bones

As for children, Korie Robertson says she has been training for it her whole life.

“I was the oldest cousin, and so I was kind of a little mama, I think a lot growing up. With all my little cousins, I would help take care of, and so I don’t think I was scared. But certainly, there have been times, in my journey of being a mother, there have been things that I feared or worry about. But I really try to give those to God.”

Korie Robertson also admits that she and her youngest daughter, Bella, have already started wedding preparations. However, Robertson reveals it will be much easier this time around because she just planned Sadie’s wedding.

Speaking of Sadie, Korie Robertson is over the moon about being a new grandma to her baby girl. John Luke’s wife, Mary Kate, is also pregnant with the couple’s second child, which will be a girl. The men in the Robertson household are slowly becoming outnumbered.

Korie Robertson knows what is most important in her life, holding both her faith and family close.