Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Confuses Pita Chips and PETA: ‘People Bring It Up From Time to Time’

by Halle Ames

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson innocently confuses pita chip with PETA on an episode of Unashamed with Phil & Jase Robertson.

Bless his heart.

Don’t you just hate it when you confused the tasty pita chip snack with PETA, the animal rights group…. Yeah, us either. I mean, we aren’t mad, just disappointed.

Jase Faces the Grocery Store

Jase Robertson hilariously talks about his daughter and her friends getting snowed in during the recent storm to his father Phil Robertson and his brother Alan.

The 51-year-old Duck Dynasty star says that his daughter, Mia gave him strict instruction when going to the grocery store in preparation for the cold weather on its way to Louisiana. She equipped him with a list and her trust that Jase would bring back the only food the picky eater will consume.

When at the store, Jase tells Phil Robertson that he is looking everywhere for this special request. To his dismay, the store was out of pita chips.

“They gave a list of what they wanted at the grocery store before this happened. I spent hours in the grocery store, talking to personnel on what this was. It was some kind of chips! I was like, I’ve eaten all chips. I’ve never heard of this chip, and that guy said, ‘we’re out of those, I know that.’ Pita chips. That’s what it was.”

The store worker continues, telling Jase that he won’t be finding the precious pita chip anywhere close to him anytime soon. Naturally, this sparks Jase’s urge to try the beloved pita bread-based chip even more.

“I need to try it because that guy said, ‘good luck finding that,’ and I said, ‘here in the store?’ and he said ‘within a hundred-mile radius. We can’t keep those things.’ So I’ve got to try them.”

Phil Robertson Learns the Difference Between Pita and PETA

Phil Robertson chimes in, wondering what a pita chip was. The 74-year-old patriarch hilariously confused the chip with PETA.

“Doesn’t that stand for the people with the treatment of animals? There is no meat in there. PETA isn’t going to sell us something that, you know, is really gonna help you.”

Goodness. Confusing PETA and pita are like confusing crack (the drug) and a crack on a sidewalk. Two completely different things.

Jase informs him that the two are spelled differently, while Alan tells him that PETA stands for people for the ethical treatment of animals.

Phil Robertson shrugs, saying he “just hears people bring it up from time to time.”

We are sure what he is hearing are angry PETA members commenting on the families hunting photos.

“I Just Eat Some of Them”

Jase goes on to say that he supports the initial thought behind the group. However, being an avid hunter, he also enjoys eating the creatures.

“I’m actually for the ethical treatment of animals. I just eat some of them.”

Alan informs his brother that that goes against everything the group stands for.

“See, that’s where they would say you’ve gone off the rails of your ethics is when you eat them.”

The heavily faith-based family brings up Genesis 9, which has a part that reads, “Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.”

We agree with Jase. While we support the fair treatment of animals, we also support the eating of them.

Also, Phil Robertson may want to consider learning the difference between the two words.

With that being said, my deer burgers need to be flipped.