Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Speaks Out: ‘You Can’t Pull the Plug on Jesus’

by Matthew Wilson

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has thoughts on tech companies shutting down the social media website Parler. Conservatives and right-wing political figures started using the site as an alternative to Twitter. Robertson condemned companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Besides politics, Robertson said the platform has become a place to share Christianity.

On Instagram, Robertson wrote, “Millions of people use Parler to share Jesus and hear the Gospel. They don’t mention that in the mainstream media. Now there’s a joint effort by Big Tech companies to shut us down. We’ll be on Parler till Amazon pulls the plug tomorrow, and we’ll be back there hollering about Jesus when Parler finds a new home.”

Robertson continued, “You can’t pull the plug on Jesus.”

Phil Robertson Laments Feeling Like Many Lost Freedom of Speech

Phil Robertson also criticized Silicon Valley for what he feels is deciding freedom of speech. The “Duck Dynasty” star said the only one who can decide the ultimate truth is Jesus Christ. The conservative social media platform seems to be at the center now of a debate between security and the freedom of speech.

Both Apple and Google removed the platform from their stores, preventing new users from downloading the app. The companies made this move after Parler failed to delete a series of messages. Both tech companies said that the social media platform was being used as a basis to plan more violence and riots in the United States. Additionally, Amazon decided to remove the platform from its web servers, a potentially critical move that could shut down the entire website.

These tech companies cracked down on Parler in the aftermath of the chaos at the U.S. Capitol. Trump supporters charged through barricades and entered the Capitol building. Both Facebook and Twitter permanently banned President Donald Trump for what they said as inciting violence.

Robertson promises he will continue to spread his religion and faith.