Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Posts Video of Elaborate Valentine’s Day Gift From Husband

by Madison Miller

There’s nothing quite like a sweet surprise on Valentine’s Day. Sadie Robertson posted a cute video of an elaborate gift and message her husband, Christian Huff, set up in their home.

Robertson Valentine’s Day Instagram Post

He left a trail of little messages on cards around the house. They eventually led to him in the bedroom with gifts on the bed. It included a huge teddy bear and a lot of candy.

She wrote a sweet message back to him on her Instagram. It said, “I  LOVE YOU CHRISTIAN CHANDLER HUFF!! what a thoughtful, intentional, and adorable way to start the day … I don’t know what I did to deserve you… that’s just the sweetness of Jesus He shows me through you! I had a dream last night that you won the Noble Peace Price hahaha even my dreams know what’s up. You will forever be loved! Thanks for making every day special! I don’t post most of our private life, but this was just too sweet… You’re the most consistent person I’ve ever known.”

It was a sweet, COVID-19 friendly, at-home gesture.

The couple is currently pregnant with their first child. Sadie is in her third trimester right now. In a different Instagram post, the couple shared their gender reveal with fans. Sadie and Christian are expecting a girl very soon.

“25 weeks today and I can’t believe how much I love this little girl already before I’ve even met her … Every little kick brings so much joy to my life! Pregnancy truly is the wildest thing, but as magical as it’s been there have definitely been some hard things!” she wrote on another post.

Sadie Robertson Blog and Podcast

In addition to sharing her love story on Instagram, she also has a blog and podcast where she shares her feelings with fans.

Her podcast is called “WHOA That’s Good Podcast.” She has different guests from athletes to musicians to public speakers to authors to actors that all share advice with listeners. The ultimate goal is to answer the question, “What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?”

Some people on the show have been Ben Higgins from “The Bachelor,” Tauren Wells, Louie Giglio, and Luke Bryan amongst many others.

On Feb. 10 she released an episode with author and pastor Ben Stuart. It was titled “How to Navigate Relationships: Part 1.” The two talk about relationships and how you might know yours is heading down the wrong path.

While she shared a message of love and advice on her podcast, she did the same thing on her blog. Her blog is called Live Original. Her most recent post was on Feb. 11 titled, “The Heart of Valentine’s Day.”

She tells her readers that the day is not about relationships, but rather “the heart of Valentine’s Day is love itself.” It’s also a day that should be devoted to self-love and spreading kindness.

“And as you start living out your purpose you yourself will start feeling more loved. As you love others you may just also fall in love with who you are, too. What a better day you would have fulfilling purpose, giving love, and receiving love instead of wallowing in the fact that you’re single or the teddy bear your husband got you was not as big as the one you saw on Instagram,” she wrote.

Even if Robertson’s post about her sweet husband made you feel a surge of loneliness just know, you’re at least not alone in that feeling.