Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson, Country Music Stars Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean Head Out West for Group Hunt

by Clayton Edwards

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson and his pals Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean went on a big group hunt during the rut. They loaded up and headed out to Adam LaRoche’s E3 Ranch that sits in both Kansas and Missouri. These midwestern states are known for having monster bucks and plenty of prairie land to hunt them on. A recent installment of Buck Commander documented some of the early highlights of the hunt.

At the beginning of the episode, the Duck Dynasty star and his friends talk about what makes the group hunt at E3 so special. According to them, it’s the comradery over everything else. While most hunts are just for the guys, this big group hunt is for everyone. LaRoche opened his hunting property to Robertson, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and a few other lucky guys. During the group hunt, they bring their families along. So, not only do they get to bring home some big Kansas whitetails, but they also get to have a family vacation.

When they aren’t out in the field there is plenty to do back at the camp. For instance, one moment in the Buck Commander episode shows a batting cage for the kiddos. The combination of family togetherness and hunting is hard to beat.

Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson, Luke Bryan, and More Go Hunting

There were some great moments in the Buck Commander episode. For one, we learn that Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson sleeps in his hunting gear. Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean added some convincing-looking poop to a diaper and tossed it on Willie to wake him up.

When he threw his blankets off, he was already ready to hit the field. Robertson was in full camo and was even sporting his blaze orange vest. He told Bryan and Aldean, “You waitin’ on me, you’re hunting in reverse, son.” This man is serious about taking home a Kansas whitetail.

We also learn that the Duck Dynasty star isn’t the best at following the rules. Adam LaRoche said that he doesn’t have anything against rifle hunting. At the same time, E3 is strictly for bow hunting. However, Willie packed his deer rifle just in case.

Turns out that he made the right choice. While glassing, he spotted a couple of big bucks about a thousand yards off. Instead of waiting on the deer to get closer, the Duck Dynasty star went and got his rifle. LaRoche gave him the go-ahead to set up in a blind with his rifle and take one of the monster bucks that were in the area.

But, before he could harvest a deer, nature called. He had to go find a place in the woods to answer the call. While he was handling his business, his cameraman watched as two trophy bucks ran in the field well within range of the blind.

There’s plenty more great moments in the episode, you can check it out above.