Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Has an Adorable Reaction When Fans Notice Him

by Michael Freeman

Debuting as a wrestling star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has become one of the biggest names in Hollywood. As it turns out, one of his daughters noticed this and has an adorable reaction when fans notice him.

Speaking on TODAY, Dwayne Johnson talked about his new film Red Notice. However, the topic shifted to his children at one point, with Johnson noticing a cute quirk his daughter Jasmine has. The 5-year-old has caught on to how famous her dad is and can quickly spot when people are noticing him. When she observes this, she tells her dad to go greet the lucky fans.

“So now, what (Jasmine will) do is if she gets wind that someone is noticing me — we’re at a park and kids are noticing or parents — she’ll come up and grab me and she’ll go, ‘Dad, come on! They recognize you. Come, say hello. Come on, you’re The Rock!'” Johnson told Hoda Kotb while laughing. “So she pulls me over to this family. And she’s, like, ‘Here. This is my dad.'”

Back in 2019, Dwayne Johnson talked to People about him telling his daughter what he did for a living. The two were watching Moana, a movie where Johnson voiced the character Maui. “I said, ‘You know, that’s daddy’s voice, and I’m going to show you,’” he recalled. “Maui starts singing, and I then start singing, and within 10 seconds she’s trying to put a pillow over my mouth and says, ‘You’re ruining the song.'”

People often say you’re your harshest critic, but I guess they haven’t met The Rock’s daughters before.

Dwayne Johnson Talks About How He Stays Active Now

Dwayne Johnson is a sought commodity these days and has been for years. Despite his hectic acting schedule and maintaining a family, he manages to stay in great shape. He recently talked about juggling these responsibilities, including how he still manages to remain active physically.

Speaking to Fatherly, Johnson discussed not being able to frequent the gym as often as he used to. “I’ve been feeling that for the past two, three years, so I train differently, yes,” he stated. “But there’s always some activity that I enjoy and I do enjoy going to the gym. It’s like when you go for a hike or you actually go do something, I think it’s the physicality of actually going to do the action of it.”

Noting he doesn’t need to go to the gym every day to stay in shape, he said exercise serves another purpose too. For instance, he mentioned hiking, which not only gives him time to unwind with nature but also provides about an hour to an hour and a half of time to himself.