Dwayne Johnson Hails Adorable Daughter as His ‘Little Champion’ in Sweet Pic After Horseback Riding Competition Win

by Thad Mitchell

Professional wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson, better known by most as “The Rock,” isn’t the only talented member of his family.

In fact, Dwayne Johnson’s 5-year-old daughter, Jasmine, is quite the competitor herself. Little Jasmine competes in horseback riding competitions and recently claimed first place at an event. Earlier this week, the proud father took to social media to congratulate his little girl on her accomplishment. It is safe to say that Dwayne Johnson is tickled at his daughter’s win and desire to compete. He calls Jasmine “my little champion” in the sweet Instagram photo. The Rock also notes that his daughter is learning valuable life lessons by participating in a sport.

“My little champion,” Dwayne Johson says proudly in the social media post. “One proud daddy as my baby learns discipline, respect, focus and hard work with a smile. She is setting a solid example for her baby sister, Tia.”

Dwayne Johnson then gives a shout-out to Jasmine’s coaches and trainers who have helped learn the ins and out of the sport. They certainly seem to be doing a good job as Jazzy, as her father calls her, took home top billing.

“And a big thank you to all the amazing riders who are teaching Jazzy the ropes of the sport,” he says. “You girls are amazing!”

Johnson concludes his Monday Instagram post by declaring it to be “ice cream time” after Jasmine’s victory. He’s certainly proud of his little girl and his entire family for that matter.

Dwayne Johnson Fans Congratulate his Daughter

Along with the sweet family caption, Dwayne Johnson includes a photo of himself and his young champion. In a true testament to Johnson’s popularity, the Instagram post took in more than 3 million “likes” in a matter of hours. The post also collected well over 12,000 comments in the same amount of time.

Several fans of The Rock took to the comments to congratulate Jasmine on a job well done. It was a true outpouring of support for the Johnson family. Dwayne Johnson wraps his massive arms around his daughter in the photo for a championship hug. Jasmine is sporting her blue, first place ribbon. It is easy to tell the big man loves his family.

“Way to go Jasmine!” one social media user writes in the comments. “What a beautiful smile and well-deserved victory.”

Dwayne Johnson and his wife, singer and songwriter Lauren Hashian, have two daughters together. Johnson also has another child, Simone, 19, from a previous marriage.

Johnson also stars in the Disney film “Jungle Cruise,” which hit theaters just last month. He plays boat captain Frank Wolff in the movie, who must take Dr. Lily Houghton on a trip down the Amazon River. The movie is based on a Disney theme park ride by the same name.