Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About His Extreme Cheat Day Meals

by Michael Freeman

A quick look at Dwayne Johnson should tell you all you need to know about the man’s outlook regarding physical fitness. However, despite his obvious strict diet and workout regimen, the acclaimed actor is also known for something else: extreme cheat day meals.

As it turns out, Dwayne Johnson’s cheat day meals are just as fulfilling as his workouts during the week. Delish recently shared the renowned actor’s cheat meals and he doesn’t spare any expenses. “I do believe in working hard throughout the week and earning your cheat meals,” he stated. That being said, what does he indulge with? His favorite appears to be a bacon avocado cheeseburger, complete with all the fixings, and a side of fries. Naturally, he finishes it all off with a dessert like a cookie, apple fritter bread, or coffee cake.

As Johnson says, he earns his cheat meals. During the week, he takes in anywhere from 6,000 to 8,000 calories a day to maintain his physique. As for meals, he’ll eat five to seven typically. Though these meals can differ throughout the week, they often come from the same food group or use the same ingredients.

A standard day for him begins with cream of rice or oatmeal with buffalo and eggs. When he finishes a workout, he goes for a fast-digesting carb like rice or sweet potatoes, also with protein. During the day, he regularly snacks on chicken, greens, and rice. He notes eating fish like cod or salmon but admits to hating the latter. Nevertheless, he eats it because it’s “a great fish in terms of your health and fitness.”

Considering the incredible shape Dwayne Johnson is in, I think he’s entitled to an occasional burger and fries.

Dwayne Johnson Elaborates on a Certain Bathroom Habit During His Workouts

Dwayne Johnson sharing workout tips is something any physical fitness enthusiast is likely interested in. However, there’s a certain habit Johnson has that turns some heads, and for good reason. A few weeks ago, he clarified this quirk and explained why he does it.

Speaking to Esquire about his life, the outlet couldn’t help but question a headline from a few years ago. It read “The Rock Reveals That He Pees in a Damn Water Bottle at the Gym.” Naturally, such a headline warrants further explanation and Johnson gladly obliged. “Well, yeah. The headline is actually true. I do pee in my water bottles. But, let me give context to that,” he said while laughing. “because everyone is leaning in, now, to what this means.”

According to him, these are water bottles he no longer uses. Claiming he frequently has to use the bathroom during workouts, he thought of using bottles at one point. Not only does it minimize workout interruption, but it’s, uh, convenient.

Presumably, he does his workouts alone, but it could also just be a huge power move. Either way, the mystery is solved.