Dwayne Johnson Showed Off Brute Strength, Destroying Steel Gate

by Clayton Edwards

Dwayne Johson has gone by many names in the course of his career. Those names include The Rock, The People’s Champ, and the Brahma Bull. They all speak to his strength. If it wasn’t in the name, we could all see it in his performance in the ring during his time as a professional wrestler. More recently, we get to see The Rock in the gym moving otherworldly amounts of iron while draped in a logging chain. In short, Johnson is an absolute beast.

However, Dwayne Johnson doesn’t really pride himself on being incredibly strong. Nor does he really flaunt his Adonis-like physique. Instead, Johnson sees those things as a result of his years of hard work and determination. In fact, if you look at his social media posts, you’ll often see the hashtag “#HardestWorkersInTheRoom.” So, when something gets in the way of his ability to work, The Rock moves it, by any means necessary.

Last night, Dwayne Johnson joined James Corden on The Late Late Show. While there, he talked about his upcoming film Red Notice in which he shares the screen Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. At one point, Corden brings up the time The Rock had to tear a gate off its hinges to get to work. But, Johnson can totally explain. As a matter of fact, he made it make perfect sense.

Why Did Dwayne Johnson Go Beast Mode on His Gate?

To start the discussion, Corden brought out a photo of the gate that Dwayne Johnson wrecked. Luckily for us, he posted that photo on his Instagram account back in September of 2020. Check it out below.

Dwayne Johnson explained that the photo was taken outside of his Atlanta home. The night before, they experienced some severe storms that knocked out the power. At the time, he said, “We were shooting Red Notice where Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot were all waiting.” He didn’t want to keep them waiting any longer than he had to. However, there was no way for him to get out. For a moment, he considered climbing the gate and taking an Uber, but wasn’t in the mood to deal with an excited and chatty driver.

Giving a little more insight into what happened, Dwayne Johnson told Corden, “I pushed it and pushed it  and pushed it so much so that it completely came off its hinges and I threw it down.”

He went on to say that a member of his security team later sent him a video of four guys trying to carry the gate away.

In the Instagram post from 2020, Dwayne Johnson said, “Not my finest hour, but I had to go to work.”