Dwayne Johnson Surprises His Mom With New Car for Christmas: VIDEO

by Hunter Miller

Dwayne Johnson is giving back this Christmas to the woman who gave him life. The 49-year-old Hollywood superstar surprised his Mom with a brand new car and captured her emotional reaction all on video.

At the beginning of the clip, we see Johnson blindfolding his mom in their driveway. His daughters then let out a hearty, “Merry Christmas.” He then removes his hand and reveals the new ride.

Visibly shocked, Johnson’s mom stands there for a second before rushing over to her son to give him a hug. And to drive home the emotion of the moment, the WWE-star-turned-Hollywood-heavyweight set the video to Elvis Presley’s classic “I Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Johnson took to the caption to further pay tribute to his Mom. “This one felt good. Surprised my mom with a new car for Christmas today. She was shocked,” he writes. “She got a few good ugly cries in. Then once her grand babies joined her inside the car. She was overcome with pure joy joy.”

He continues by expressing his gratitude for being able to bless his family members with special moments like this. “I’m so grateful I can do this kinda stuff for my mom, who’s had one helluva life,” he writes. “I don’t take any of it for granted. Neither does she.”

The “Jungle Cruise” star concluded the post writing: “Merry Christmas ma, enjoy your new ride!!!
And your Elvis records. You deserve a lot more.”

Dwayne Johnson Gives Navy Vet a New Truck

If there’s one thing that’s evident about Dwayne Johnson, it’s that the man has a truly giving heart. Just last month, he pulled a similar move in gifting a Navy Veteran a new truck.

As an early Christmas present, Johnson honored a man named Oscar Rodriguez with a new set of wheels. Rodriguez is a church leader, personal trainer, takes care of his mother, and volunteers to help victims of abuse. He’s a huge fan of The Rock, and was left utterly speechless when surprised with the truck.

“I’m just speechless,” Oscar told Johnson. “This is such a blessing, man. It’s so good to meet you. I feel so encouraged right now, so uplifted. You’re the man, dude.”

In a recent interview, Rodriguez spoke out about how special that moment truly was. “I’m just grateful I got the opportunity to meet The Rock,” Rodriguez says. “It was a wonderful experience.”

He was given the truck during a special screening of Johnson’s recent Netflix smash hit movie, “Red Notice.” “I was invited as a special guest,” he said. “But when he called my name — I had no idea that I was the one special guest.”

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