Dwayne Johnson Takes Breather from Intense Workout to ‘Officially Announce’ Highly-Anticipated Sequel

by Leanne Stahulak

Mid-workout, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to his Instagram last night to celebrate the official announcement of a “Jungle Cruise” sequel.

He posted a video straight from the gym, where he “worked out so hard my cheeks got blush.” Indeed, we can see the sweat dripping off Johnson as he “officially announces” the news about a “Jungle Cruise” sequel.

“Thank you guys so much around the world for making ‘Jungle Cruise’ a franchise, a global franchise now,” Dwayne Johnson says in the video. “You’ve kicked us off, you’ve pushed us past $100 million in the domestic box office alone. On behalf of Emily Blunt, myself, the filmmakers at Disney, thank you for discovering and loving ‘Jungle Cruise.'”

Johnson adds, “And yes, that means that your favorite punt-slinger, slinging the punts, is back! There you go.”

In both the caption and video, Dwayne Johnson then tells his fans a ‘Jungle Cruise”-themed joke. “Did you guys ever hear the one about the chameleon who couldn’t change colors…? He suffered from reptile dysfunction.”

Johnson laughs and gives one last shoutout to fans in the video. “Let’s f*****g go. Love you guys, and thank you for turning ‘Jungle Cruise’ into a franchise.”

In the caption, the star gives out specific thanks to the Disney team. “THANK YOU to our DISNEY partners and filmmakers (Jaume Collet-Serra) for your trust, shared vision, and intent to deliver for families around the world.”

He continued, “The intrepid Dr. Lily Houghton and fearless-ish Skipper Frank aka THE PUNT-SLINGER return to take you all on the ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!!!”

Dwayne Johnson Film ‘Jungle Cruise’ Celebrates Box Office Success Amid Pandemic

Dwayne Johnson’s latest movie, “Jungle Cruise,” was one of the few films to release in theaters during the pandemic. It followed a hybrid release, like Disney’s “Black Widow” and “Cruella” films. Viewers could see it in theaters or pay an extra $30 to watch it with Premier Access on Disney+.

Between the two release formats, the film grossed $65 million in its opening weekend, $35 million of which came from the domestic box office. Recently, Deadline reported that it crossed the $100 million mark domestically in box office profits alone. Globally, it’s earned $187 million.

Only four other films have crossed the $100 million mark since the pandemic began last year, according to Deadline. They include “F9,” “A Quiet Place Part 2,” “Black Widow,” and “Godzilla v. Kong.”

When Dwayne Johnson heard about “Jungle Cruise” getting a sequel and doing well in the box office, he celebrated with fans on Twitter.

“ALL ABOARD. Mahalo to our buddy @Borys_Kit for breaking the big Jungle Cruise sequel news!!! This is going to be FUN! Oh and cheers to Jungle Cruise just crossing $100M at the domestic box office,” Johnson captioned the tweet.