Dwayne Johnson Thanks Veterans for Their Sacrifices

by Michael Freeman

Many celebrities openly endorse and support our veterans, with Dwayne Johnson being among them. For Veterans Day, he thanked our military members for their service while affirming his continued support for them.

Earlier this morning, Dwayne Johnson posted his support for veterans on Twitter. Thanking them for their service, he proudly says he backs the Travis Manion Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering veterans and their families.

“To our US Veterans, flesh & spirit. THANK YOU for your service & sacrifice. Our @[email protected]#ForTheHeroes collection proudly supports the @TMFoundation in their efforts to develop programs that empower veterans and families of the fallen http://projectrock.online/djvd,” the tweet proudly reads.

Johnson’s followers are sounding off to the post, echoing his sentiments and thanking veterans themselves. “Thank you, Rock! I am thankful every day for my veteran and all the veterans who have served or are serving. My veteran officially retires is in a few months,” someone replied to him. “Husband has been in 12+ yrs! I’m so proud of him as well as his brothers and sisters! You all deserve so much in my eyes!” another wrote.

Even better is the fact the Travis Manion Foundation is replying to every tweet where someone shouts out a veteran they know. Thanking them for their service, it’s a wholesome sight to behold scrolling through Dwayne Johnson’s replies.

The Travis Manion Foundation was named after 1st Lt. Travis Manion’s sacrifice. Serving in the USMC, he paid the ultimate price for his patrol in 2007. Since its inception, the foundation “strives to unite and strengthen communities by training, developing, and highlighting the role models that lead them.”

Gary Sinise Talks About Honoring Veterans for Their Special Day

Dwayne Johnson is far from the only celebrity honoring veterans today. Nonetheless, Gary Sinise recently discussed his family’s connection to the military and how to honor our nation’s heroes.

Writing a special piece for TIME, Sinise details his own history with veterans and how to let them know you appreciate them. “I remember all too well what it was like for them to serve in combat and then come home to a nation that had turned its back on them because of the unpopular war they had served in,” he wrote about Vietnam veterans.

Additionally, Sinise goes on to say some of the best things you can do aren’t necessarily huge gestures. “I am often asked how people can help and I always encourage them to start as I did, looking within my own family and my own community. I’ve learned over the many years that just showing up with an appreciative handshake or pat on the back can make a big difference.”

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that mean the most, after all.