Dwayne Johnson’s Former Co-Worker Lists the Key to the Wrestler Turned Actor’s Success

by Chase Thomas

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the biggest superstars in Hollywood and around the globe. The Rock is an undeniable superstar success story, as he was mentioned on Forbes’ list of highest-paid actors back-to-back years earning $87.5 million in 2020.

Johnson got his start in the professional wrestling business years and years ago. Current WWE executive and longtime pro wrestling mind Tom Pritchard talked about Johnson this week.

What Tom Pritchard said according to EWrestlingNews, “I don’t think anybody could have told you he was going to be this global superstar, but he had that drive, he had that thirst, and you have to have that, you’ve got to have confidence, you got to have drive, you’ve got to do whatever it takes. Rocky did whatever it takes and he capitalised on his opportunities.”

Wow. Pritchard gave The Rock some high praise here, didn’t he? To tackle the number of projects that The Rock has over the years you do have to have that drive. Not only the drive, but Johnson is also a confident man. To get over as a professional wrestler you have to have drive and you have to be a confident man. You also have to eat a lot to stay at this pace.

What Else Did Pritchard Say About Dwayne Johnson?

Pritchard also said, “He communicates with his colleagues with his friends, the same genuine way he always has. You looked at him when he came in, he had something. He had a great smile he had [a] great personality. He was talking like that when he was training. He was a smart ass at training but in a good way.”

Isn’t that good to hear? Johnson had that “IT” factor, like John Cena, when he came in. Folks knew he was going to be a big deal, but there is more to him. Pritchard points out that The Rock is good to people. He is fun.

Dwayne Johnson first played football at the University of Miami. Then, he transitioned to pro wrestling where he became The Rock. He worked for the WWF for eight years, highlighted by his feuds with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hollywood Hulk Hogan, and then left for Hollywood. He briefly returned to the WWE where he feuded with Cena in a “Once In a Lifetime” feud with Mr. Hustle, Loyalty & Respect. He has starred in films like Hobbes & Shaw, San Andreas, Skyscraper, Jumanji and many others. His newest film, Jungle Cruise, came out in 2021 with Emily Blunt that is bad on the Disney ride. It currently has a 62 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.