‘Dynasty’ Star John James Hospitalized

by Michael Freeman

Being a soap opera veteran, Dynasty and The Colbys star John James is no stranger to drama. Unfortunately, in this case, the drama involved him after he was injured filming his latest project.

Fox News reports James was rushed to the hospital while filming his new Biden biopic. The injury occurred off-set when James stumbled at a Belgrade restaurant. Suffering a head injury, James said despite the hospital being full, the staff there gave him “top-class treatment.”

“It was Saturday night in the Belgrade ER room, and like Saturday night ERs all over the world, it was pretty crazy, but I received top class treatment and a couple of stitches and will be back on the set on Monday,” he said. “The show must go on.”

John James’ latest project is a Hunter Biden biopic, My Son Hunter. In it, he portrays Joe Biden. In fact, he says his “method acting” is responsible for his injury. “I’ve been playing stumbling and bumbling Joe Biden for almost a month now on set, I guess I took method acting to a new level. I was walking into a Belgrade restaurant, and I collided with the side of a glass door,” James stated.

James continued, “I had a large cut above my eye, and there was a lot of blood on the sidewalk. I was pretty stunned and was rushed to a hospital.”

James announced the project last month, saying he would act alongside Laurence Fox, who plays Hunter Biden. Noting the movie “has it all,” including money, power, greed, sex, drugs, and alcohol, he said he’s excited about the project.

The film focuses on the 2020 election and reports several news outlets made around that time.

Katey Sagal Returns to ‘The Conners’ Set After Her Injury

Unfortunately, John James isn’t the only actor who suffered a recent accident. The Conners star Katey Sagal was hit by a car a month ago but is returning to the set.

Screen Rant discussed her returning, with her on-screen husband John Goodman saying “She’s better but she wheeled her way into the studio. She looks great but you can tell she’s a little shaken up still.”

Sagal was struck by a car last month and is just now returning to her acting career. She reportedly was crossing the street in Los Angeles when it hit her. The Tesla was making a left turn when it collided with her, despite her walking on a crosswalk. The extent of her injuries is unknown, but she was taken to the hospital. It also isn’t known if there are any lingering effects after the accident, such as a limp.

Regardless, Sagal is well enough to return to The Conners. Considering she missed a few episodes, it’ll be interesting to see if the show addresses it.