Eddie Van Halen’s Son Wolf and Ex-Wife Fire Back at Trolls Commenting He Isn’t Rock Legend’s Biological Son

by Quentin Blount

The son and ex-wife of rock legend Eddie Van Halen have been firing off at trolls on Twitter who are pushing forward conspiracies about them.

Van Halen’s son, Wolf Van Halen, took to Twitter on Saturday morning to post a screenshot of a comment on YouTube. In the comment, the user says that they don’t believe that Wolf is Eddie’s real son and continues to dive into detail about why they believe that.

“Personally, I don’t believe that Wolf is EVH’s biological son,” JokersWild45 wrote on Youtube. “I see none of Eddie or even Alex, in him. He’s got a massive build, (and is a heart attack waiting to happen) while Ed and Al were/are lean. He has none of Eddie’s facial features and absolutely zero hint of Asian blood in his DNA. Both the VH boys were/are half Indonesian.”

Naturally, Wolf Van Halen did not seem too fond of the comment. In fact, he decided to roast the user on Twitter in front of his more than 293,000 followers.

“Straight up hilarious how insane people are on this thing we call the internet,” Van Halen wrote on Twitter. “PS: I’m super curious how homeboy got a sample of my dna to test these “theories.'”

Ex-Wife of Eddie Van Halen Fires Back at Trolls

In the second half of the user’s comment, they call out Eddie Van Halen’s ex-wife, Valerie Bertinelli, along with taking more shots at Wolf.

“If the timeline of Valerie’s cheating in her own book is to be believed, then she got pregnant right around the time he would’ve been conceived,” the commenter continues. “But, it’s obvious that he and Eddie were very, very close. The kid is talented for sure, (and way more talented than I’ll ever be!) but not genius level talent IMO.”

Wolf then came back with another strong response. It seems rather evident that the son of Eddie Van Halen has had to deal with living in his father’s shadow for some time.

“Also my favorite thing (that people seem to LOVE to do to me) is say, ‘Well sure he’s talented but he’s not genius level like his dad,'” he explains. “Like if I’m not on par with a f*cking legend then I’m not worth a sh*t lol Just wondering where this dumb shit stems from?”

Meanwhile, that’s when Bertinelli felt compelled to throw in her two cents.

“Jerks hiding behind anonymous accounts are not hilarious to me,” she says. “For the life of me, I will never understand those who need to be purposefully cruel. Thank God there are so many more out there who are kind and thoughtful. Gratefully, it’s enough to offset the uttermost a**holes.”