Eddie Van Halen’s Son Wolf Issues ‘Internet Challenge’ Amid Backlash Over Guns N’ Roses Opening Act Gig

by Madison Miller

Wolf Van Halen, the son of iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen, is never one to back down from a little online criticism.

Instead of letting the haters say what they want, Wolf Van Halen is always there to insert his opinion and defend his choices.

Wolf Van Halen Twitter Backlash

Recently, the Mammoth WVH artist wrote on Twitter, “Internet challenge where you read the full article instead of just the headline before you comment.”

It’s unclear exactly what article Wolf is referring to in this context. However, several fans were quick to agree with the rock artist. One person wrote, “I love when someone uses an article based solely on the headline to try to win an argument, when the actual article disproves their point entirely. It’s like my new favorite thing.”

All of Wolf Van Halen’s recent activity online has been regarding controversial comments. He recently retweeted a tweet from someone else regarding his time spent online.

“Wolfgang wastes too much time on social media, it takes time away from his music” Wolfgang: writes an album, plays ALL the instruments, releases it, puts together a band, and goes out on tour with Guns N Fu**ing Roses. Sh*t. We’re seeing Wolfgang at 1% power. Watch out shaggy.”

Meanwhile, the Mammoth WVH singer also posted a hilarious GIF of a slamming door when someone tweeted at him with the paragraph starting with, “Wolf, some unsolicited advice …”

Wolf Van Halen is very much paving his own path in the rock music world. In many ways, it’s completely separated from his old Van Halen days. He once also stated, “Instead of the next EVH, how bout I be the first WVH.” Although he is always defending his father, who passed away in October 2020 from a stroke, Wolf still wants to be considered his own artist with his own well-deserved attention.

Mammoth WVH and Individuality

He formed his one-man group, Mammoth WVH, and released a debut album where he plays all the instruments. Now he is on tour with Guns N’ Roses. He’s not alone on the road, however. Wolf Van Halen is on lead vocal and lead guitar. Ronnie Ficarro, formerly with Falling in Reverse, is on bass and background vocals, Garrett Whitlock, once with Tremonti, is on drums. Jon Jourdan from To Whom It May is on guitar and background vocals and Frank Sidoris is also on guitars and vocals.

Wolf Van Halen often fires back at critics who claim he’s only successful in the music industry due to the success of his father. His debut album was completed back in 2018, however, when he found out his father’s health was rapidly declining he put a hold on music and the possibility of touring to be with him instead.

He is an individual artist, but will always be there to support the legacy of Eddie Van Halen. It’s a dual-sided process.

“I certainly will like it when it is on me as a person and not just me as a son, but I’ll always be there to champion my father and his legacy … definitely made a choice to not sound directly like Van Halen. I just think that would be boring if I was a carbon copy of my dad,” Wolf Van Halen said to Billboard.