‘Elvis’ Movie: Get a First Look at Austin Butler as Elvis Presley from Director Baz Luhrmann

by Matthew Memrick

Fans got a taste of director Baz Luhrmann’s vision on the life of Elvis Presley and Austin Butler in the starring role of a movie.

Deadline took note of the Aussie director’s “Elvis Monday” clip and gave Presley fans a quick heads-up.

The website World of Reel reported that test screenings of the film took place in late October.

Elvis Presley Actor Floats Through Quick Clip

Luhrman’s has the 30-year-old Californian in the starring role, walking with his posse in the quick 20-second video clip. Butler walks around a music venue with his face hidden by the shadows. The legendary singer’s song “Suspicious Minds” floats in the background. 

We have no words, but that’s how Luhrman wanted it. I guess we have more than a few reasons to be “suspicious” when it comes to this movie. Or maybe Lurhman intended to have “a little less conversation” during the clip. The director reportedly co-wrote and produced the film. Jeremy Doner collaborated with Luhrman. 

Finally, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker drives home that this film is all about “The King of Rock N Roll.” He pushes out Presley’s famous TCB or, Taking Care of Business” logo out there to finish the clip.

There are so many connections for us. You can come up with as many as I can. Presley dubbed his band by that name in 1969. The fact that all the songs that year were chart-toppers, like “Suspicious Minds.” The same logo affixed to Presley’s plane and his famous necklaces. 

Tom Hanks plays Colonel Tom Parker, with Olivia DeJonge sliding into the Priscilla Presley role. Famously, Hanks tested positive for COVID-19 during the production.

Shoot, we still don’t even know the movie’s name or what Presley song they’ll settle on for it. IMDb says the film hits theaters on June 24 but is still called “Untitled Elvis Presley Project.”

Will the film come out along the animated Netflix series “August King?” Last month, Priscilla Presley told fans on her Instagram page that the series was due in 2022. The post came with key artwork for the show while the series works around the question, “What if Elvis was a spy?” 

Director Hopes To Capture ‘Elvis’ Life With Manager

Central to the story of this film is the Presley and Parker relationship. The two men shared 20 years of musical success. Take that and mix Priscilla Presley (DeJonge) into the picture, and we may get to see a fictionalized dream of the couple’s life during that time.

Butler beat out several notable actors for the part in July 2019.

The actor is working with Hanks on the Apple TV+ series “Masters of Air.” Hanks is a producer on the show. Before that, he starred as Manson Family member Tex Watson in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”