Elvis Presley Ate the Same Thing for 6 Months: Inside The King’s Picky Food Preferences

by Halle Ames

When you are The King, you can pretty much eat whatever you want. However, take a look at Elvis Presley’s very picking dietary preferences.

It’s Elvis’s world. We were just living in it.

According to Express, the King of Rock and Roll was very strict on what was and wasn’t allowed on Graceland’s property when he was around.

Firstly, Elvis Presley hated fish. He couldn’t stand the smell (can anyone?) and banned it entirely from his home.

“Anything but fish,” said Graceland archivist Angie Marchese. “He didn’t like the smell of fish being cooked in the house. There was never any fish in the house.”

As for his favorites, Marchese revealed Presley loved southern cooking. The musician was from Tupelo, Mississippi. Of course, he loved some hardy southern, love-infused cooking.

As the saying goes, “Southern cookin’ makes you good lookin’.” Depending on who you ask, I guess.

The kitchen at Graceland was the beating heart of the house, fueling Elvis Presley with fried okra or M&Ms. Probably why he made such good music.

“Elvis grew up on good ol’ Southern food,” said Marchese. “He loved meatloaf, mashed potato, fried chicken…mac & cheese. Anything that he grew up on were some of his favorites.”

Boy, would we love to be a dinner guest at Presley’s house.

Elvis Presley Likes What He Likes

Priscilla Presley said that her ex-husband was in a rut when it came to food. Every night for six months, Elvis Presley would eat meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Marchese hilariously called The King a “creature of habit,” saying, “so if it was made in the South…he liked it.”

What was another food Elvis Presley would regularly request? A peanut butter and banana sandwich toasted in a hardy amount of butter.

“The first time I went in, fixed the sandwich and put it on the tray and brought it back, that wasn’t right,” explained Mary Jenkins, Presley’s chef. “His father was sitting there, and he said, ‘Mary, I’m going with you and help you and let’s see, maybe both of us can get it right.”

Jenkins revealed that Elvis Presley would crave the special sandwiched throughout the day.

“If he wanted them in the morning when he went and woke up, I would have to fix them. If he wanted them at two o’clock in the morning, I would have to still fix them. Whenever he’d get a taste for them, he’d call down, and that’s what he wanted.”

Other odd snacks Presley craved included bacon and mustard sandwiches, fried peanut butter (yes, that’s real, apparently), hamburger steak, and crowder peas.

He sounds like a pregnant woman.

We can, however, get on board with Elvis Presley’s favorite dessert. Marchese says that he frequently enjoyed his mom’s Chocolate Cake.

I’m not sure if all this southern cookin’ would make us good lookin’… Maybe just a little fluffier.