Elvis Presley Conspiracy Theorists Claim Icon Makes Cameo in ‘Home Alone’

by Matthew Wilson

Elvis ain’t dead, he’s just moonlighting as a movie extra. Conspiracy theorists believe Elvis Presley makes a cameo in the 1990 classic, “Home Alone,” 13 years after his death.

The King of Rock n Roll died of cardiac arrest in his Graceland mansion in 1977. But some fans have long believed Presley faked his death to escape the limelight. There are all sorts of theories on Presley including that he was abducted by aliens. But if these theorists are right, Presley was actually hanging out with Macaulay Culkin.

The scene in question is when Culkin’s on-screen mother is at the airport. There’s an extra in the background that pays a passing resemblance to the King. Eagle-eyed fans have latched onto the idea that the extra is Presley himself. The film’s director Chris Columbus swears he would know if Presley was in his film.

“They are convinced, these people, that this is Elvis Presley,” Columbus told USA TODAY. “That he’s faked his death, and because he still loves show business, he’s an extra in ‘Home Alone’…Look at this guy, he’s not Elvis Presley!”

Likewise, writer and skeptic Benjamin Radford has dismissed the theories as just fan’s imagination going wild.

“Why fake your death and then turn up as an extra in a popular movie? How could the cast and crew have failed to notice the presence of one of the most famous figures in the world?” Radford wrote in the Skeptical Inquiry. “Even if he looked very different could he have disguised his voice and mannerisms?”

Elvis Presley Wasn’t the Film’s Extra

Additionally, Skeptical Inquiry believes they found the actual extra who appears in the film. Unfortunately, it isn’t the King but a man named Garry Grott. The extra appeared in the scene and was an acquaintance of Columbus. In a bit of eeriness, Grott also passed away from a heart attack, more recently in 2016.

“Since he is no longer with us and since you’ve somehow deduced that it was he who appeared in the scene, after consulting with my mom, I feel comfortable confirming your theory for you,” Grott’s son confirmed. “My dad, Gary Richard Grott, was indeed the extra in the airport scene of ‘Home Alone.’ He knew [director] Chris Columbus personally and Columbus used him in a number of his movies as an extra, most notably in ‘Home Alone.'”

While Presley didn’t appear in “Home Alone,’ that abducted by aliens conspiracy theory is still out there.