Elvis Presley Was Described as a ‘Fair’ Student: Here’s Why

by Matthew Wilson

Elvis Presley has entered the school building. Before he was a singer, the King of Rock ‘n Roll was just a student like any other. Presley did “fair” in school but wasn’t exceptional.

Taking a look at Presley’s report cards, the singer often made plenty of B’s and C’s with an occasional A or F thrown into the mix. His grades weren’t high enough to turn any heads. But they never bordered on causing the singer to flunk out of school either. For the most part, Presley excelled in English and Literature. He had a lifelong affinity for reading, even after he became famous.

But his typing skills could have used some work. That class earned him a rare F and proved Presley wasn’t destined for office work. No, instead, he was on his way to the stage and the limelight. And that was evident even when the musician was still in school. Presley always felt separated from his peers in school, for better but usually worse.

In Fifth Grade, his teacher Mrs. Oleta Grimes entered the singer into a talent show. Presley sang “Old Shep” for audiences. According to Graceland.com, Presley’s singing skills earned him fifth place in the contest and won ride tickets at the Mississippi Alabama State Fair. It was Presley’s first taste of success at an early age and a moment he never forgot even as he got older.

Elvis Presley and His Peers

For the most part, Elvis Presley rarely ever missed school or was late. In high school, he was occasionally tardy on a few occasions. Also in high school, the singer began to fixate on his looks and clothing more than he had ever before.

School often wasn’t kind to Presley. The singer struggled to fit in with the other kids he went to school with. The boy was naturally shy and mostly learned to express himself through music instead. Presley would listen to the Grand Ole Opry radio shows and tried to replicate their sound. He would bring his guitar to school and play it for other students during recess and lunch.

Presley’s singing attracted bullies. And during middle school, a group of kids grabbed his guitar and cut the strings off of it. This devastated Presley, but some of his good-hearted classmates took up a collection to buy the singer more strings for the instrument.

After graduating high school, Presley recorded his first songs and began his singing career in earnest.