Elvis Presley Estate Posts Sweet Pic of The King With His Mom on What Would’ve Been Her 109th Birthday

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley left behind a wealth of both music and lore when he passed in 1977. To this day, listeners devour his vast discography of hit songs and fan favorites. At the same time, the minutia of his life is discussed at length. Those who look to The King’s music and legacy for inspiration, know much about the man behind the microphone.

Many people know about Elvis Presley’s generosity as well as his desire to have the best of everything. At the same time, his love for his parents is well-known. He was especially close to his mother, Gladys. Today would have been her 109th birthday. So, to celebrate, The King’s estate shared a sweet photo of Elvis with his mom. He’s dressed in his US Army uniform. Gladys is also looking sharp in a bright blue floral print dress and subtle but well-done makeup.

In the caption, Elvis Presley’s estate wished the late Gladys a happy 109th birthday.

Elvis Presley and His Parents

It’s no secret that Elvis Presley was close to his parents. They both lived with him at Graceland. In fact, Gladys stayed in the sprawling Memphis mansion until the day she died. Some say that Elvis’ Mississippi ranch home, the Circle G Ranch, was named for her. To get a clearer picture of how close The King was to his parents, we can look to a series of articles posted in the New York Daily Mirror in 1956.

Columnist Sidney Fields traveled from the Big Apple down to Memphis, hoping to meet with Elvis Presley. However, he was in Hollywood shooting Love Me Tender. So, Fields sat down with Presley’s parents to talk about The King. Instead of talking directly to the man himself, he spoke to those who knew him best.

During that chat, he learned just how close to his parents Elvis Presley really was. An early revelation came when discussing the family’s humble beginnings. Vernon said that they may have had to buy everything on credit. However, Elvis never wanted for anything growing up. But, when he started bringing in money from his music, Elvis told Gladys and Vernon that they had taken care of him for nineteen years. So, it was his turn to take care of them.

Elvis Presley did just that. He kept both of his parents close to him until Gladys passed in 1958 and The King died in 1977. Vernon actually helped to oversee Elvis’ finances and would visit him on the sets of his films over the years.