Elvis Presley: How Fans Could Tell if the King Was Home at Graceland

by Halle Ames

Elvis has left the building… or maybe not. Find out how fans could tell if Elvis Presley was home in his Graceland residence.

The King was one of the most iconic and popular names in the music industry. Traveling and touring comes with the title. But when Elvis Presley would travel to his sprawling estate in Memphis, Tennessee, how could fans be sure he was hidden behind the towering walls?

White smoke indicates that a new Pope has been selected in Vatican City. The Royal Standard flag flies at Buckingham Place in London when the Queen is present, so what about the King… of Rock and Roll?

Well, believe it or not, there was a way for adoring fans to know if Elvis Presley was in residence or not.

Presley lived in the massive mansion from 1957 until his unfortunate death 20 years later. Throughout the years, Express notes that fans hanging outside the gates at Graceland could tell if the legend was home from his vehicle.

Elvis Presley Behind the Wheel

A virtual tour of Graceland, guided by the archivist Angie Marchese, explained Elvis’ incredible car collection that consisted of anywhere from 20 to 30 vehicles. Marchese said how Presley would store the cars not in use in the carport at Graceland. Some of the most notable means of transportation were his Rolls Royce and, amusing enough, his dented John Deere tractor.

“Back in the day, if you were ever at the gates of Graceland and you saw the cars around the front of the mansion, that meant Elvis was home.”

Usually, that is a pretty good indication, no matter the house you are at.

“He could hop out the house and take any car he wanted to go– wherever he was wanting to go that evening. And if they were around back on the carport, it meant Elvis was not home. But that’s where the cars would be parked when Elvis wasn’t home, and there was that long drive so they could be parked along the side of the driveway as well.”

The website notes that Elvis was quite generous with his lavish gifts. During his lifetime, Presley purchased and gave away between 200-250 vehicles.

Angie Marchese also explained how Elvis Presley saw cars as a symbol of freedom. The ability to jump in and drive wherever you wanted. It also was an indication of your success, and you made it in life.

Furthermore, Elvis didn’t enjoy being chauffeured around. He preferred to be the one behind the wheel—another sign of his need for freedom. Instead, Elvis Presley liked to chauffeur his friends and family around town.

Imagine jumping in your Uber and seeing Elvis in the driver’s seat!