Elvis Presley and His Girlfriend Were Once Stranded Without Money or Gas: Here’s What Happened

by Matthew Wilson

Elvis Presley liked to drive around town in style. After all, the music artist owned numerous vehicles, especially Cadillacs. But the King of Rock ‘n Roll found himself on the side of the road on one occasion.

You should always make sure your vehicle has gas before going on a joyride. It was something that Presley had to find out the hard way on one evening. The musician enjoyed riding around town with his then-girlfriend and actor Ann-Margret.

The two were cruising on Presley’s motorcycle through the Los Angeles hills when the bike’s gas tank hit empty. The bike sputtered to a stop, and the two found themselves stranded in almost the middle of nowhere. It’s a situation that could make for the start of a movie. But then again, almost every day of Presley’s life was like a movie.

Both Presley and Ann-Margret decided to walk to a nearby gas station with the motorcycle. According to Classic Country Music, Ann-Margret later wrote about the wild night in her 1994 memoir “Ann-Margret: My Story.”

Elvis Presley Didn’t Have Any Money

But at the gas station, both Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret made a shocking discovery. When he went to pay for gas, Presley discovered that he didn’t have any money. In fact, neither did Ann-Margret. The two were both stranded in the middle of nowhere with not a dime to their names.

“Elvis went to pay, then came back looking a bit chagrined. ‘I don’t have any money,’ he said. ‘Do you have a couple of dollars?’ A second later, both of us were laughing,” Ann-Margret wrote in the memoir. “It was truly funny. Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret, stuck on a corner, out of gas, with no money.”

Sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from crying. The two stood at the gas station and tried to figure out how they were going to get themselves out of that situation. Fortunately, the gas station attendant was an Elvis fan and recognized the singer.

Presley and the attendant quickly came to an agreement. The attendant agreed to give the couple gas and all he asked for in exchange was an autograph. It ended up being a funny experience for all three of them and something that they never forgot.

The next day Presley’s tour manager returned to the gas station and thanked the attendant for helping the couple out. He also paid for the gas that Elvis got.