Elvis Presley: This ‘Clothier to the King’ Still Exists Today

by Matthew Wilson

Fans of Elvis Presley can shop like the King. This clothing store that the singer used to frequently visit is still open to this day. Presley learned his signature style while shopping at Lansky Brothers Men’s Clothing Store in Memphis, Tennessee.

Today the store is called Lansky Bros. Clothier to the King, capitalizing on its once-famous customer. Presley first started shopping at the clothing store when he was in high school. Lansky Bros became known for its style, unlike any other place in town. The owners would fly to California and New York, bringing back the latest trends to their native Memphis.

The store first opened in 1946 after a Russian immigrant bought the store for his two sons Bernard and Guy. The store turned from selling army surplus clothing to men’s fashion instead. Lansky Bros became a hot spot for entertainers and musicians in town. And Presley wanted to dress just like them. In 1952, Presley would often window shop at the store.

The owner invited him inside to browse. But Elvis declined, saying he didn’t have money but promising to buy them out when he became famous. Instead, the owner Bernard said, “Do me a favor: Don’t buy me out, just buy from me.”

Elvis Presley Became Famous

And Presley kept that promise. He was a frequent customer of the store for the rest of his life. He bought his first shirt at the store while in high school. It cost $3.95. Then, he trusted the store to provide him a stylish suit for his senior prom. The store designed him a pink and black suit for the occasion, just what Presley was looking for. He wanted to stand out more than anything and the store accommodated his request.

When Presley became famous, Lansky Bros designed custom suits specifically for Elvis. They made special tags for the singer. The store did this for a number of other artists as well such as Albert King or Sam the Sham. At times, Lansky Bros accommodated the singer and his schedule. They stayed open at midnight or during the early hours of the morning so Presley could shop in private. They would also ship trucks of clothing for Presley to browse at his home in Graceland.

Presley would also buy clothing for other customers, showing off his generous side as well. In a bit of a sad twist, Lansky Bros gave Elvis his final suit as well. The artist was buried in a white Lansky Bros suit, a loyal customer until the very end.