Elvis Presley’s Estate Shares Throwback Photo of the Late Rock Icon Playing Baseball

by Josh Lanier

Elvis Presley’s estate continued tweeting rare photos of the rock legend on Monday. The most recent is a photo of Presley as a kid playing baseball.

Sunday was the 64th anniversary of the release of Elvis Presley’s “Love Me Tender.” The account released a photo of a marquee announcing that The King had entered the scene.

Elvis Presley’s Film Debut was a Big Hit

Elvis Presley would wind up making more than 30 films in his career, according to the LA Times. But when he began his acting career, the idea of a pop star appearing in a movie wasn’t common. But Elvis wasn’t a common pop star. His albums were instant smash hits in the mid to late 1950s. And his concerts were cathedrals of screaming teens and concerned parents.

So, when Elvis starred in “Love Me Tender,” it was just the next stage in the evolution of the pop star.

Presley plays Clint Reno in the musical Western. Reno stays at home to take care of his mother and the family farm. Meanwhile, his older brothers are off fighting in the Civil War. When his brother allegedly dies, he becomes involved with his brother’s girl from back home.

As IMDb describes it, “a Confederate team is ordered to rob a Union payroll train but the war ends leaving these men with their Union loot until the Feds come looking for it.”

Despite the marketing for the movie, which featured giant posters of Elvis with his guitar, Presley wasn’t the lead. His Clint Reno is second to Richard Egan, who played brother Vance Reno.

But the movie was a hit, and it launched Elvis’ film career. Moreover, it launched an empire. Presley’s 33 films would go to make more than $2.2 billion at the box office in the U.S. alone, according to The Conversation.