Elvis Once Had Priscilla Presley Tell Final Partner Ginger Alden How to ‘Take Care’ of Him

by Atlanta Northcutt

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the poise, patience, and grace of Priscilla Presley?

Behind every strong King is a strong Queen, and that is precisely the way we describe Priscilla.

The King’s New Younger Woman

The strong and beautiful Priscilla Presley is Elvis’s first and only wife. The two were married from 1967 to 1973. However, Elvis had an array of lovers throughout his life. Ginger Alden, who was 21 years younger than the King of Rock n’ Roll, was a beauty pageant star. The two were engaged until his untimely death in 1977.

Alden wrote a memoir in 2014 entitled Elvis and Ginger. Her autobiography mentions an uncomfortable moment during her engagement to Elvis. It sparked a distressing question of if Elvis’s celebrity stardom was used to manipulate women into turning against each other in order to feel deserving of his love.

The two first met at Presley’s famous mansion in Memphis, lovingly named Graceland. Compared to Elvis’s 41-year-old age, Alden was only 20 at the time of their meeting. She claims the 21 year age gap was enough to question if a serious relationship would be cohesive between the two.

However, when one of the most prolific rock musicians begins to ask for your hand in marriage, the belief in love can take over. Even if you’ve just begun dating.

A Deadly Mixture of Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices

With aging, drugs, a hefty and unhealthy diet, and a hard lifestyle, health issues increase, which resulted in Elvis’s death on a toilet. As someone who loves this struggling individual, the young woman started to become concerned with her lover’s health as it rapidly declined.

She says she first became concerned with his nutrition and rapid weight gain, along with the discovery of potential substance addiction. It didn’t help Alden’s peace of mind to know her beau wasn’t sleeping and going too hard on the road while touring.

As the young Alden looked to the future, she knew the man she could potentially wed wouldn’t make it much longer if he didn’t take care of himself.

In her memoir, Alden recalls often asking Presley to eat in a healthier manner and find more sleep. However, when you’re the King, you do what you want, even if it destroys you.

Priscilla Presley Gives Words of Advice to Alden

Sadly, ex-wife Priscilla Presley continued loving the heart of the man she had married and had a child with. She also feared for his health and safety.

Alden recalls finding Presley in his bedroom talking on the phone with comfortability and honesty to Priscilla, the woman who had loved him through his best and worst days. Alden claims that she felt a concern due to the fact she says he rarely spoke to his ex-wife.

“As I crossed the room, he looked up at me and said into the receiver, ‘Tell her how to take care of me,’” Alden writes. “Then held the phone out to me. ‘It’s Priscilla.’”

As she grabbed the phone out of Presley’s hand, she heard a female voice on the other side instructing her on how to care for the King.

“A female voice instructed, ‘See that he eats right and gets plenty of rest,’” says Alden.

Were Jealousy and Animosity Elvis’s Purpose?

Of course, Alden agrees before handing the phone back to her love with the knowledge he was speaking to his ex-wife. This occurrence makes the 20-year-old wonder if the conversation had been set up by Elvis in order to make both women a bit jealous and concerned in order to have the women compete against one another for his affection.

In her book, Alden writes she believes the conversation had been “as awkward for Priscilla as it had been for her.” But as she was filled with love and concern for Elvis, she began to wonder if his ex-wife could become her “ally” in helping Presley begin to change his lifestyle and focus on his health.

After her brief talk with Priscilla, Alden left the room, yet Presley continued speaking openly to Priscilla.

Jealousy crept into the heart of Alden as she began to wonder how close Elvis and his ex-wife actually were. Even at a younger age, Alden understood that Priscilla was the mother of Elvis’s only child, Lisa Marie Presley.

This fact creates a uniquely special bond between the two. In order to have a relationship for the sake of their daughter, Priscilla and Elvis must communicate.

Alden’s natural jealousy and suspicion made her rethink what Elvis’s motives had been all along.

A Fight For the King

“Having left the door slightly ajar,” she writes in Elvis and Ginger, “I heard Elvis say, ‘Really, Priscilla. Ginger is one of the prettiest girls I’ve seen in a long time.’”

Alden says she felt “10 feet tall” upon hearing such an icon praise her in that way. But the feeling was short-lived as she began to wonder if Elvis wasn’t trying to align the two women as allies.

Instead, what if he was trying to separate them through manipulative tactics, such as the phone call. She writes that she believed he found pleasure in making the two enemies through his actions.

“I had to ask myself why he was telling Priscilla this,” Alden explains. “Did he want the women in his life, past and present, to be jealous of one another?”

Alden has continuously speculated that Presley used the women in his life to gain a rewarding feeling. Did the King use the women in his life to potentially fight against one another in order to gain his attention and affection?