Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade Rocks Bikini in Stunning New Pics Snapped on Boat

by Samantha Whidden

Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade took to her Instagram on Tuesday (August 11th) to share some snapshots of her soaking up the last bit of Summer 2021 on a boat. 

“Aye aye captain,” Eminem’s daughter proclaims in the post’s caption. She is seen rocking a gorgeous lime green and blue two-piece swimsuit. 

Hailie Jade is the daughter of both Eminem and his well-known ex-wife, Kimberly Scott. The former infamous couple met in high school and were married in 1999. They first divorced in 2001 but then reconciled. They were briefly remarried in January 2006 before Eminem filed for divorce a few months later in April 2006. The rapper also has custody of his sister-in-law’s daughter Alaina and Kim’s daughter from a previous relationship, Whitney. Hailie Jade was born on December 25, 1995.

Recently reports revealed that Kimberly had attempted suicide. As previously reported, she was rushed to the hospital for both medical and psychological evaluation on July 30th. She has since returned home and is recovering from the incident. 

Eminem Reveals How Proud He Is Of His Daughter Hailie Jade

In March 2020, Eminem sat down with Mike Tyson on Hoxboxin’ Podcast to reveal how proud he is of his daughter Hailie Jade. When asked if she has any babies, the rapper states, “No babies, nope. Just boyfriend and she’s doing good. She has made me proud for sure. She graduated from college, 3.9 [GPA].”

When asked how he feels to have a 23-year-old daughter, Eminem says, “Yeah, it definitely is crazy. I have a niece that I have helped raise too. [She’s] kind of like a daughter to me and she’s 26. Then I have a younger one, 17 now.”

Eminem also reveals that when he thinks about his accomplishments, being able to raise kids is considered the one thing that he’s most proud of. The famous rapper then offers his own parenting advice – keep kids grounded. “It’s important to keep your kids grounded when they’re in a situation like I have, it’s very important.”

He goes on to add, “People also think, too, that money just buys happiness. That absolutely is not true. You’ve got to be right inside otherwise none of this sh— means nothing.”

Hailie Jade Speaks Out About Her Future Career Plans

After graduating from Michigan State University with a psychology degree, Hailie Jade spoke to the DailyMail about her future career plans. “I’m not sure yet, it’s kind of up in the air, still,” Eminem’s daughter stated at the time. People have been reaching out through [Instagram] as I don’t have any [management].”

When asked about her relationship with her famous father, Hailie simply says she often sees her dad. “Of course, we are very close.”