Eminem’s Ex-Wife Kim Scott Hospitalized After Reported Suicide Attempt

by Matthew Wilson

Eminem’s old flame Kim Scott is reportedly in the hospital. The rapper’s ex-wife allegedly tried to recently kill herself at her Michigan home. According to TMZ, emergency responders responded to a frantic call. The incident happened on July 30.

According to the outlet, Scott called the police and emergency responders herself. She had tried to commit suicide. But she ended up in the hospital instead. Scott and police officers came to blows when officers arrived to investigate the scene. Scott refused to listen to police officers and comply with their orders. Instead, she grew combative.

Officers reportedly had to restrain Scott as a result. Additionally, paramedics weren’t able to check on Scott’s vitals due to her outburst of violence as well. But one source compared the scene to a horror movie. Eminem’s ex-wife reportedly cut herself several times. She had several small cuts on the back of her leg. And she had lost a good amount of blood as well.

According to the outlet, emergency responders rushed Scott to the hospital. She underwent treatment for her injuries and also a psychological evaluation. The hospital eventually released Scott. She’s apparently at home now recovering from her injuries. It’s unclear what her treatment was or what set Scott off.

Eminem and Kim Scott

Eminem and Kim Scott have been on again and off again for a number of years. They’ve gone from sweethearts to mortal enemies and back again in time. Scott once reportedly said she couldn’t stand the sight of the rapper anymore.

Both Eminem and Scott grew up together in Eight Mile, Michigan. Scott first met Eminem, also known as Marshal Mathers, at a house party in 1987. He was 15 at the time and entertaining the party by rapping LL Cool J’s “Bad” for them. The two instantly felt a connection at the time.

They started dating and had a daughter together in 1996. Three years later, they married in 1999. But they divorced after only two years. Eminem and Scott eventually got together and remarried in 2006. But they had only tied the knot for a few months before they got divorced once more as well.

The rapper and his ex-wife became the source of tabloid gossip during their time together. Eminem’s rise through the rap game put their relationship in the limelight. Eminem also struggled with substance abuse and various trips to rehab during his early career.

But perhaps time can mend all things. Scott and the rapper reportedly have cooled over the past few years as a result. The two are reportedly on friendly terms together. Eminem has been candid about his early struggles through his songs, writing autobiographical accounts.

Hopefully, Scott is on the mend and will get the help that she needs.