Eric Clapton’s Management Rethinks Suing Widow Over $11 Bootleg CD

by Hannah Heser

A recent bootleg case among Eric Clapton and a woman in Germany has gone viral. While the 76-year-old rocker won the case, his management is rethinking the act of suing her.

According to, Germany is one of several states where sales of unauthorized bootleg CDs are rife. They also report these CDs being poor quality as well.

Before getting into the story, for those who don’t know, bootlegs are unofficial recordings that people sell without any consent from the artists themselves. In this case, Eric Clapton and his management talk about potentially suing a lady in Germany for her selling his music without permission.

Eric Clapton’s Managements’ Plan

According to reports, the unnamed woman, a 55-year-old widow, tried to sell Clapton’s CD on eBay for $11. She claimed that she was unaware the CD was inauthentic. Also, she reportedly said that her husband bought the CD from a “well-known department store” over 30 years ago.

The case eventually made its way to court. The woman retained a lawyer who was initially able to appeal the case. However, a judge then ruled that none of the detail such as the woman believing the CD was real and that her husband bought it actually mattered. As punishment, the court ordered the woman to not only pay her own court costs, but also Clapton’s.

All in all, she owed $3,827.79. But most importantly, the penalty, if she tries to sell a bootleg CD again, is intense. She faces around a $280k fine as well as possibly six months behind bars.

Now, Eric Clapton and his management team reportedly do not wish to target this lady. Even though Clapton won the case, he decided not to follow through with any charges.

As music fans are well aware, Eric Clapton is known for his most popular songs, Wonderful Tonight and Tears in Heaven.

For instance, Clapton wrote Wonderful Tonight for his ex-wife, Patti Boyd. The couple divorced in 1989.

Additionally, Tears in Heaven acts as a letter to his late son. It is still a massive hit to this day.