‘Family Affair’ Cast ‘Didn’t Spend a Lot of Time’ Together Away from Set

by Samantha Whidden

They acted pretty close in Family Affair episodes, but now Kathy Garver is admitting the hit series’ cast didn’t really spend a lot of time together away from the set. 

During her recent interview with Fox News, Garver opened up about her relationship with the rest of the Family Affair cast. “We liked each other a lot,” Garver confirmed. “And we got along very well. Of course, when you’re with somebody all day, it’s nice to go home to your own family. So we didn’t spend a lot of time outside of work.”

Garver also said that her Family Affair castmate Anissa Jones did come over to her house a couple of times and even spent the night. But it was just considered a really good professional, warm, working relationship. 

When asked what really caused Family Affair to come to an end, Garver said she thinks there was a change in the times. “We’d been on for five years. Then in the early ‘70s, they were going towards more of a realistic kind of show. Our sitcom was a dramedy, and they wanted something like All in the Family instead.”

Garver went on to note that the Family Affair producer left CBS and went to ABC.

“He was just about to sign on a dotted line to transfer Family Affair when they got another show that was very similar to ours,” Garver explained. That show was The Brady Bunch. 

Family Affair followed engineer and bachelor Bill Davis as he attempts to raise his late brother’s orphaned children in his New York City apartment. The show ran from 1966 to 1971 and had five seasons with 138 episodes. 

Kathy Garver Opens Up About Mourning the Loss of Anissa Jones

Also during her interview with Fox News, Kathy Garver opens up about how she handled the loss of her Family Affair castmate, Anissa Jones. “It was such a tragedy,” Garver recalled. “I had gone to her 18th birthday party. Her mom had said, ‘Kathy, I wish you’d spend more time with Anissa because I really think that she’s in with a bad group of people.’”

Garver also said that her Family Affair castmate had been hanging out with people who were involved with drugs. Garver noted that she was leaving the next day to work on the set of My Fair Lady on the East Coast. “It was during that time, just about three weeks later, when I was notified that she, unfortunately, had died.”

Garver also said that the Family Affair seemed fine and happy to see her during the 18th birthday party.

“It was just.. you see today with all the opiates, all the drugs. I lost two of my friends, their songs, in the same year from that fentanyl. About four or five years ago. And it’s just tragic.”

Anissa Jones was reportedly found dead on August 28, 1976. She had been partying in Oceanside, California. The corner at the time reported that Jones’ death was caused by a drug overdose. It was later ruled accidental. She had cocaine, PCP, Quaalude, and Seconal in her system.