‘Fast and Furious’ Star Lucas Black Gives Locker Room Speech to IU Football Team: See Pics

by Kati Kuuseoks

Lucas Black tries to live a life of grace, passion, and fellowship. Opening up his prayers to those afflicted by Hurricane Ida as well as US veterans, the star drew in a lot of praise for being someone people can look up to. Between trying to balance crazy filming and promotion schedules for “Fast and Furious” on top of fatherhood, Lucas Black also makes time for the community. Most recently, the star found himself back on campus.

An Instagram post from the star himself reveals that he recently spent time with Indiana University’s football team. Proudly stepping into that mentor role, Black connected with the team’s values and delivered a powerful locker room speech. While the star chose to keep the words exchanged between him and the team private, he happily shared several snaps of their time together. In a lengthy caption, Lucas Black explained their connection:

“I had the privilege to speak to the @indianafootball team and learn about their program. Coach Tom Allen is a man of great character and they are blessed to have him as their head coach. When they invited me to come the coaches told me about their slogan LEO, which means, love each other. I was honored to come speak to guys who are believing in those words and putting others first. They have created an amazing culture in Hoosier nation. Look for great things coming from that team. #indianafootball #collegefootball”

Check out the photo here:

All Star Lucas Black

CBS reveals thirteen surprising facts fans might not know about Lucas Black. Coming in at number three is the fact that Black actually played football at his Alabama high school for the Speake Bobcats. This probably influenced him to pursue acting roles in more athletic projects like Friday Night Lights and 42. Black starred alongside the late Chadwick Boseman in the latter baseball flick from 2013. One of the film’s highlights involves a recreation of the iconic Cincinnati Jackie Robinson-Pee Wee Reese scene that involved a touching embrace. In talking to Alabama’s Advance Local around the time of the film’s release, Black reveals his favorite aspect of sports boils down to the team dynamics.

“It’s…enjoyable just because you get to reminisce about the days when I used to play, and then you get the experience of being on a team again with the actors and have that camaraderie with the players,” he says.

A snap from Black’s Instagram from a year ago captures the two actors in their full baseball get-up. It also includes an emotional tribute to Black’s co-star and friend, Boseman. At the end of the day, Black is truly a team player.