‘Fast & Furious’ Star Wants Paul Walker’s Daughter to Join the Franchise

by Madison Miller

The “Fast & Furious” franchise has a long and emotional connection to late actor Paul Walker.

Walker played one of the most influential and popular characters on the show, Brian O’Conner. Sadly, Paul Walker died in a car accident on November 30, 2013.

He left behind a franchise full of fans (both “Fast & Furious” as well as his many other projects) as well as his daughter, Meadow Rain Walker. He had a daughter with his girlfriend at the time, Rebecca Soteros.

She moved to California to live with her father in 2011. Around that time, she got to spend a lot of time with her father as well as his close friends. One of which is Vin Diesel, who is actually Meadow’s godfather.

Meadow Walker in ‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Paul Walker on the screen forever when he last appeared in “Furious 7.” He is seen driving off into the sunset as he says goodbye to Vin Diesel’s character. A montage pops up of his best moments while the song “See You Again” plays.

Although we’ll never see Paul Walker on the screen again, we could see Meadow Rain Walker. Ludacris, a member of the “Fast & Furious” cast, said he would love for her to make an appearance in the franchise.

“She is a phenomenal person. She has those great genetics, and I would love to see it. That’s all I can say. I can’t confirm or deny. I’m hearing the rumors as well, but I know her personally, and her heart is made of gold,” Ludacris said to ET Online. Nothing is confirmed, however, Walker’s daughter in the franchise would be a widely special moment for both fans and fellow cast members. Paul Walker was a vital part of “Fast & Furious” before his death.

There’s been plenty of evidence to suggest it’s a very real possibility. This is a franchise that is constantly pushing beyond expectations, after all. When ET asked Vin Diesel about Meadow joining the franchise all he did was smile coyly with no response. Sometimes actions speak louder than words, after all.

Other Career Moves for Meadow

Similarly, Jordana Brewster said that she “would love that,” when asked about Meadow making an appearance. Meadow is currently 22 and has not yet appeared in any types of movies or TV shows. She did, however, make an appearance at the red carpet premiere of the newest movie in the franchise, “F9.”

Her appearance in the film, which would likely just be some kind of cameo, seems very possible.

She instead is working as a model full-time. Walker’s daughter also got engaged in August to her now-fiancé, Louis Thornton-Allan. The news came only a month after the two went public with their relationship.

She shared the news by posting a video while in a pool sporting the diamond ring.

The next “Fast & Furious” movie is set to come out on April 7, 2023.