FBI’: Full Recap of Season 4 Episode 3

by Suzanne Halliburton

Tuesday night’s FBI episode was called Trauma. And it truly was, in every sense, as the agents investigated military veterans turned domestic terrorists.

And in the end, the FBI agents needed to examine their souls. They unknowingly “weaponized” an informant who was struggling to transition to a normal life after serving in Iraq.

Here’s what unfolded in Tuesday’s episode: We see a normal scene at a federal courthouse. An assistant district attorney was bringing her five-year-old son to courthouse daycare. She was the type of employee who would bring doughnuts to the guys working security. As they were going through the metal detectors, a bomb went off. It had been in the little boy’s backpack.

Four people died, including the mother. The little boy was taken to the hospital.

FBI Figures Out Bombs Look Like They’re Made In Iraq

It turns out that the bomb signature looks like an IED from Iraq. And it also was similar to a bomb that went off at a New Jersey IRS building. The suspect was killed in the bombing, so he couldn’t be responsible for the courthouse. Who was? The agents pull security footage from a nearby bodega and figure out that someone switched backpacks with the kid. They learned the suspect was ex-military and a soldier who was taller than six foot. He also was wearing a prosthetic leg.

The agents raid the home of a Navy vet who lived in Long Island. He tries to shoot the FBI agents, then tells them “don’t pretend you respect us.”

The courthouse bomber and the one who set off a bomb in the IRS building knew each other from a private social club for veterans, many of whom are struggling. The ATF had the club under surveillance for gun-running. OA figures out he knows one of the members, an Army buddy named Chris. OA says he’s the closest thing to an “American hero,” he knows.

Chris, after finding out the bomber almost killed a kid, decided to infiltrate the club and get information for the FBI. He got enough that the agents identified one of the bomb makers.

They figure out that someone is about to leave an IED at the Army recruiting office. Agents stop the bombing, tossing the backpack into a dumpster seconds before it blew up.

David M. Russell/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Agents Are Told Bombers Won’t Stop Til Systemic Wrongs Are Righted

Each of the bombers has had issues with the military. The IRS audited one of the vets. Another became addicted to pain meds prescribed by military doctors. Another believed that the Army didn’t warn him how dangerous war was.

A former officer named Nick Hawthorne was in charge of the social club. He told the agents: “I doubt the bombings will stop until systemic wrongs are righted.”

Chris went to find Hawthorne. He said he needed to finish the mission. Before OA could stop him, he killed Hawthorne. By the end of the episode, Chris was in the hospital under a psychiatric hold.

OA told Isobel: “We weaponized him. We took advantage of a vet who was struggling. And now he’s going to jail.”

And then OA adds: “I don’t think any of us deserves much sleep tonight. “