‘FBI’ Is Bringing Back One of Its Most Dangerous Adversaries

by Taylor Cunningham

One of the world’s top criminals is serving a life sentence on FBI. And in the fall finale, he’s going to make the agents remember why.

In 2020, Durango Cartel Kingpin Antonio Vargas proved himself a worthy adversary for New York City FBI agents. In an episode titled Liar’s Poker, the team finally hunted down the criminal, who was wanted for murdering an FBI agent and six other people. But they struggled to keep him behind bars after his henchmen hatched a plan to break him free.

Fast forward a year and Vargas is still in prison. But he has a bone to pick with all the people who put him there. And in the 2021 fall finale of FBI, he’ll take down at least one of the team’s own.

Next week in Unfinished Business, Vargas starts getting revenge on the New York City Burea from behind bars. The episode will begin with Rina Trenholm being critically wounded. And the team will make the “chilling discovery” that Vargas somehow ordered the attack from inside his prison cell. And as the agents work to figure out how the drug lord orchestrated the hit, he begins to target the rest of the tea and their loved ones.

Catch the episode on Tuesday, Dec. 14 at 9/8C on CBS.

‘FBI’ Star Jeremy Sisto Recalls the Day He Spent with Real FBI Agents

In order to play an FBI agent on TV, an actor must understand how they work. So when showrunner Dick Wolf started filming the first series of his FBI franchise, he planned a special outing for the new cast members. And they got to hobnob with real-life field agents.

According to FBI star Jeremy Sisto, Wolf “had worked pretty closely with the New York office with a handful of agents there” during past projects. So it was easy to stage a meet and greet.

And while talking to the Long Island Weekly, Sisto recounted the day he spent with the NY team.

“I think Dick had actually produced a documentary about the FBI there, which a lot of the show was inspired by that. I became friendly with some of the agents and the guy who my role was kind of based on,” the actor shared. “It was really cool and it was with great people. We got to tour the office and go to the bar where they all drink and just hang out with them. We had great conversations about how it all works. It’s a really cool job and the people who are drawn towards it have a real capacity to handle some high-intensity crap.”