‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Kellan Lutz Gets His Dukes Up in ‘Set Life’ Photo

by Anna Dunn

FBI: Most Wanted is filming, and star Kellan Lutz is sharing some fun photos from set. This time, the Most Wanted star talked about how his character drives a sweet car when going undercover, and asks fans an important question.

Lutz has been a crucial part of the FBI: Most Wanted series since its start last year. Considering the wackiness that was 2020, the series has done quite well in the ratings. It’s lead by Law & Order executive producer Dick Wolf. Lutz plays Kenny Crosby.

“Set life! I love that Agent Crosby drives an undercover Jeep Wrangler. What would your undercover vehicle be?” the star wrote.

As with any former Twilight star, many jumped on the fact that his character in the film franchise also drove a Jeep.

“You drive a jeep in twilight as well. They suit you,” one person wrote.

“As the owner of a Wrangler, myself. I approve of his undercover vehicle,” another person commented.

Another person noted that it’s great to see Lutz back on set, because that means his character is alive after a wild season finale episode.

“Well I’m glad to see they didn’t kill you in that damn season finale!” another person wrote.

‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Cast Already Filming Season 4

Lutz isn’t showing fans behind the scenes of season 3. He’s actually already shooting season 4 with the cast. One cast member, Alana Delagarza, updated fans from the set with a photo of the actors smiling.

“That’s a wrap on our first day of Season 4!!! Love our FBI team and our #fbifam,” she wrote. FBI: Most Wanted is the only Dick Wolf series on CBS right now. Dick Wolf’s other series are on NBC. CBS President Kelly Kahl is thrilled by that fact.

“‘FBI’ is the fastest growing brand on television and our partner Dick Wolf has found yet another creative way to expand its universe. ‘FBI: International’ is an intriguing and distinct drama that perfectly complements its compelling siblings, ‘FBI’ and ‘FBI: Most Wanted,’ creating an enviable triple-threat for next season that will fit seamlessly across our network lineup,” CBS president of Scripted Entertainment Kelly Kahl said in March.

It’s hard to say how season 4 will pan out, as fans haven’t even gotten their eyes on season 3. We don’t even know what some of the characters will be like in season 4, as production added three new major characters to the third season. Because of this, season 3 of the show promises a new team dynamic that’ll challenge the existing characters.

Season 3 of FBI: Most Wanted will air on Tuesday, September 21st. The franchise will take over a coveted timeslot held by NCIS, the most popular scripted drama in the world, for years.