Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Covering Various Jewish Artists for Hannukah

by Joe Rutland

Dave Grohl is bringing joy to those of the Jewish faith celebrating Hannukah this year by doing some sweet cover songs.

The twist? These are cover songs from other artists who are, themselves, Jewish.

Grohl is joining with producer Greg Kurstin, who is Jewish, for the “Hannukah Sessions,” which started last Thursday. The series will run through the end of Hannukah, which is on Friday.

Both Grohl and Kurstin announced the series on social media last week. The songs were being released to mark each night of Hannukah.

Drake, the Beastie Boys, and Bob Dylan are among the singers who’ve had their songs covered by the duo.

Dave Grohl Is Canadian And Is Proud To Do The Songs

Meanwhile, Grohl is letting his followers know something about him that they might not have ever heard.

“You might be surprised to learn that this superstar is… Canadian,” Grohl tweeted. “He’s never hidden the fact that he was M.O.T. so a generation of Jewish parents could tell their kids, ‘If @Drake took the time to study for HIS Bar Mitzvah, you can too.'”

In sharing his cover of Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” Grohl jokes to “challah at your boy,” referring to the bread eaten during the Jewish Sabbath.

It’s a pretty amazing gift from the drummer for legendary bands Nirvana and Foo Fighters to give. The way that Grohl has taken these songs and revamped them in his own style is beautiful.

Grohl Takes On, And Concedes To, 10-Year-Old Drummer

Before turning his attention to Hannukah and cover songs, Grohl was involved in a heavy-duty drum challenge. He was squaring off with 10-year-old Nandi Bushnell from the United Kingdom.

Grohl received a video of Bushnell playing by Nirvana producer Butch Vig. There was a lot of appreciation at first for the intense drummer who screamed while playing. Later on, though, it later became something more real. It turned into a full-forced friendly rivalry.

He compared the battle to “being called out by the school bully.”

Grohl accepted defeat after going back-and-forth with the 10-year-old a few times. He claimed eventually you just have to concede.

Here is Grohl talking about his drum battle a little more during an appearance on CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”