‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Sophia Bush Announces Engagement in Breathtaking Boat Pics

by Amy Myers

Since former Law & Order: SVU star Sophia Bush started dating Grant Hughes in May last year, fans have been holding their breath waiting for the two to make their relationship a bit more permanent. We’re happy to announce that the wait is over!

Earlier today, Bush posted a snapshot of the gorgeous couple on Instagram, sharing a romantic moment on Lake Como, Italy. Sure enough, the handsome founder of FocusMotion Health knelt in front of his girlfriend on the wooden boat and asked for her hand.

Between the bright blue water, rolling hills and radiant sunshine, there’s no setting more perfect for a proposal. Of course, the Law & Order: SVU star said yes. Along with the ring, Hughes also gave his brand new fiancé a bouquet of long-stemmed, yellow roses.

In Bush’s post about her exciting news, she wrote, “So it turns out that being your favorite person’s favorite person is the actual best feeling on planet Earth… Thank you to @comoclassicboats and @bottega53 for helping my favorite human plan the most incredible, moving surprise of my life. My heart. It bursts.”

With all of her newfound joy, one photo just wasn’t enough to post for the #HappyGirl. The former Law & Order: SVU star followed up on the initial post with another snapshot of the content couple cuddling on the boat. Bush wore an effortlessly gorgeous brown dress while her blond beau wore a blazer and blue jeans. The sun behind them hit the peaks of the Italian mountains and reflected off the calm lake water.

“Forever Favorite,” the Law & Order: SVU alum wrote in the caption. Whether she’s talking about Hughes or the photo, we’ll never know.

Sophia Bush Says ‘Yes’ After a Year with Grant Hughes

Originally when Hughes and the Law & Order: SVU alum got together, they kept their relationship pretty quiet. Before she met Hughes, Bush was married to former co-star of One Tree Hill Chad Michael Murray. Given that Hughes doesn’t have a Hollywood rap sheet, it’s understandable that she wanted to give her new boyfriend some privacy before introducing him to the paparazzi. However, soon enough, the couple began holding hands in public, as if a sign that said, “This is the real thing.”

Previously in an interview with Michael Rosenbaum, the former Law & Order: SVU star shared her thoughts on a realistic relationship.

“What I am a fan of, what I am a believer in is real partnership, real intimacy that comes with radical honesty and with ground rules of always giving your partner the benefit of the doubt while asking questions, while being able to be vulnerable, admit when you’re afraid, admit when you’re being triggered by something else.”

Here’s to making her “real partnership” with Hughes a permanent one.