Former ‘To Catch a Predator’ Host Chris Hansen Speaks Out on Bench Warrant for Sting Footage: ‘Silliness’

by Josh Lanier

Chris Hansen hand-waved away the recent bench warrant for his arrest in a Michigan criminal case as a “miscommunication.”

The former To Catch a Predator host has had a litany of legal troubles in recent years. Most recently, defense attorneys requested he did not turn over the raw, unedited tapes of a sting operation from several months ago. Police accused Micheal Lott, a former corrections officer, along with two other men of trying to have sex with underage girls, Fox News said. Though, they were speaking with undercover police officers and not minors.

Chris Hansen, who hosted the show To Catch a Predator from 2004-2007 tagged along on the bust, and recorded much of it. Defense attorneys wanted that those tapes.

Hansen said police posted a notice on the door of his West Bloomfield, Mich., residence, but he lives in New York. He said he was unaware of the request until just before the hearing.

“This wasn’t one of those First Amendment battles where we’re trying to sandbag the defense counsel for a bad guy who got caught trying to rape a child,” Hansen told Fox News.

“This was us exposing a bad guy trying to rape a child and getting caught up in a legal misunderstanding – a civil, not criminal legal misunderstanding,” he added.

The judge vacated the bench warrant earlier this month. But said he had 14 days to turn over the film, USA Today said.

“The court matter in Shiawassee Co, Mi today resulted from a predator investigation there. Defense lawyers for accused predator Michael Lott had requested video from the investigation,” Hansen posted on Instagram. There was a miscommunication about a hearing today on the issue. The matter is currently being resolved!”

Chris Hansen Weighs In on Josh Duggar Case

Arkansas police charged the former star of 19 and Counting, Josh Duggar, a prominent evangelical lobbyist, with possession of child pornography earlier this year.

Chris Hansen told Fox News that he wanted to investigate the case.

“I think that this is something that’s been going on for a lot longer than people have suspected,” he said. “I think there’s a ton to it in terms of who knows what within the family. What was overlooked, you know, because there was a television show and money to be made. And I think there’s a whole lot there that we don’t know.”

“The allegations here, in this case, are vile, they’re volitive and absolutely disgusting criminal [behavior],” he continued. “… That child is being raped all over again every time somebody clicks on that. And [Duggar] is responsible allegedly, and according to prosecutors and investigators, for multiple, multiple transmissions and sharing of those images. It’s one of the worst crimes in the world.”

No court has convicted Duggar of any wrongdoing as of yet.